The IDN Scoping Team teleconference will take place on Thursday, 09 January 2020 at 03:00 UTC for 60 minutes. 

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  1. Welcome and roll call
  2. Review of revised and documentation
  3. Agreement on next steps (e.g., Send documentation to the GNSO Council for consideration during the Strategic Planning Session)
  4. AOB 


Options Paper:

Annex A:

Annex B:


Audio Recording

Zoom Recording

Chat Transcript

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Notes/ Action Items


  • Staff to circulate the draft final report of the IDN scoping team for final call. Deadline for the scoping team to provide final input is Wednesday, 15 January. Aim to send to the GNSO Council the final report by Friday, 17 January. 
  • Maxim to provide comments/suggested edits on the Google Doc. 


  • The scoping team reviewed the redline version of the Options Paper and the two Annexes, which have incorproated input and suggestions on the mailing list. The scoping team is in general agreement that the latest version is good to go. 
  • Maxim had questions/comments, but was unable to explain verbally in the call. Maxim was asked to provide comments/suggested edits on the Google Doc following the meeting. 
  • The team had a minimal discussion about the latest version, including deletion of duplicated content regarding the scope of the future GNSO policy work on IDNs, as well as the number of liaisons needed to coordinate with ccPDP4. The team is in general agreement about the overall conclusions of recommending two work tracks (i.e., operational track 1 & policy track 2) for the Council's consideration.  
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