The next GNSO Standing Selection Committee teleconference will take place on Thursday, 05 October 2017 at 19:00 UTC for 60 minutes.

12:00 PDT, 15:00 EDT, 20:00 London, 21:00 CET

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1. Roll Call/SOI

2. Review survey results

3. Discuss next steps


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Attendees: Susan Kawaguchi, Tony Holmes, Maxim Alzoba, Lori Schulman, Frederic Guillemaut

Apologies:  Renata Aquino Ribeiro, Rafik Dammak, Poncelet Ileleji

ICANN staff: Marika Konings, Nathalie Peregrine


Notes/ Action Items

Notes from SSC meeting on 5 October 2017


1. Roll Call/SOI

2. Review survey results

  • See survey results circulated via email (
  • Julf came out as the lead candidates on all questions, with Osvaldo in second place and Paul in third.
  • All but two SSC members filled out the survey.
  • Julf is also endorsed by RrSG, BC, RySG and NCSG
  • IPC is very supportive of Paul Rosenzweig as a candidate - might be worth thinking outside of the traditional gammit of candidates? This is not a role that may be suitable for newcomers. For other types of appointments it is definitely important to encourage newcomers.
  • Important to take into account the objective of this role: The GNSO liaison to the GAC (hereafter “the Liaison”) will be primarily responsible for providing timely updates to the GAC on GNSO policy development activities in order to complement the existing notification processes as well answering questions in relation to these (GNSO) activities that GAC members may have. Furthermore, the Liaison will be responsible for providing the GNSO Council with regular updates on progress, including on GAC activities, specifically in so far as these relate to issues of interest to the GNSO. The objective of the liaison mechanism, in combination with some of the other mechanisms that the CG is exploring, as well as existing early engagement tools, will be to facilitate effective early engagement of the GAC as well as generally assist with flow of information between the GAC and the GNSO. In addition to these existing engagement tools, regular co-ordination calls are to be scheduled between the GNSO Liaison to the GAC and the GAC Secretariat to ascertain that all the relevant information has been received by the GAC and progress is being made, following which a regular status update is provided by the Liaison to the GNSO Council.
  • Three good candidates, but level of support is different.
  • Lori to consult with IPC factoring input and discussions today, but also consider how close nr 1 and 2 are. Are people wedded to Julf or is there also willingness to consider #2 candidate?
  • Considering asking those that haven’t completed the poll yet to do so now, but it may bias the responses?
  • Also note the timeline as outlined in the call for volunteers: The SSC will review the applications received and rank these taking into account the skills and experience required as outlined in this call for volunteers by 6 October 2016; Based on the outcome of the ranking process, the SSC will contact the nr 1 candidate to confirm the proposed selection by 11 October 2016 and confirm that the candidate is still available; the SSC will submit its recommendation to the GNSO Council in the form of a motion for confirmation of GNSO Liaison to the GAC to the GNSO Council by 16 October 2017 at the latest. There may be some flexibility here but the ‘final’ deadline is the motion and document deadline for ICANN60 which is 16 October 2017.
  • Staff to prepare draft motion for SSC consideration. Motion to include appreciation and recognition for the 3 very good candidates.
  • IPC support the rankings and do not object to Julf and is very pleased that their concerns are noted and will be considered for future positions.
  • Consider for future selection processes whether to interview the candidates.
  • All those on the call supported the ranking as resulting from the poll (1. Julf, 2. Osvaldo, 3. Paul).


Action item #1: Staff to prepare draft motion for SSC review (name of proposed candidate to be filled out once agreement has been received)

Action item #2: Staff to share results from the call with the mailing list and request those that were not able to attend whether they have any objections to the proposed ranking (1. Julf, 2. Osvaldo, 3. Paul). Deadline for feedback is Monday 9 October (23:59 US time).


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