If you would like to be kept updated on events for the Nordic region, subscribe to the nordics@icann.org email list by sending an email to: nordics-join@icann.org.

For any questions, contact Gabriella Schittek gabriella.schittek@icann.org 

Upcoming Webinars:

The next webinar season will start in September 2023. 

Past Webinars:

17 May 2023: What does ICANN do Regarding Threats and Anti-abuse? https://features.icann.org/event/icann-organization/icann-training-series-nordic-region-what-does-icann-do-regarding-threats

5 April 2023: An overview of the DNS Privacy Landscape at ICANN: https://features.icann.org/event/icann-organization/icann-training-series-nordic-region-overview-dns-privacy-landscape-icann

8 March 2023: An overview of the DNS Privacy Landscape at ICANN: https://features.icann.org/event/icann-organization/icann-training-series-nordic-region-overview-dns-privacy-landscape-icann POSTPONED 

1 February 2023: The Swedish Agenda: A Cyber Ambassador's view of the Digital Landscape and Internet Governance: https://features.icann.org/event/icann-organization/icann-training-series-nordic-region-swedish-agenda-cyber-ambassadors-view 

7 December 2022 - IPv6 in the Nordics (and why it's important): https://features.icann.org/event/icann-organization/icann-training-series-nordic-region-understand-ipv6-and-why-it%E2%80%99s

16 November 2022 - Why Some Internet Legislation Might Cause a Headache: https://features.icann.org/event/icann-organization/icann-training-series-nordic-region-why-some-internet-legislation-might

12 October 2022 - DNS Ecosystem Security: https://features.icann.org/event/icann-organization/icann-training-series-nordics-dns-ecosystem-security-0

14 September 2022 - What is Universal Acceptance and Why is it Important?: https://features.icann.org/event/icann-organization/icann-training-series-nordic-region-what-universal-acceptance-and-why-it

11 May 2022 - DNS Resolvers Used in the EU: https://features.icann.org/event/icann-organization/icann-training-series-nordic-region-dns-resolvers-used-eu 

13 April 2022 - Meet the Nordic Key Holders!: https://features.icann.org/event/icann-organization/icann-training-series-nordic-region-meet-nordic-key-holders

16 March 2022 - What is Blockchain, How does it Work, and Why will it Never be Part of the Mainstream DNS Conversation: https://features.icann.org/event/icann-organization/icann-training-series-nordic-region-what-blockchain-how-does-it-work-and

16 February 2022 - Quantum Computing and Cryptography on the Internet: https://features.icann.org/event/internet-ecosystem/quantum-computing-and-cryptography-internet

26 January 2022 - Internet Fragmentation? - Technical and political perspectives: https://features.icann.org/event/internet-ecosystem/webinar-nordics-internet-fragmentation-technical-and-political-perspectives

17 November 2021 - DNSSEC in the Nordics: https://features.icann.org/event/icann-organization/dnssec-nordics

10 November 2021 - DNSSEC 101: https://features.icann.org/event/icann-organization/dnssec-101-nordics

6 October 2021 - History of the Root Server System: https://features.icann.org/event/icann-organization/training-nordics-history-root-server-system

8 September 2021 - DNS 101: https://features.icann.org/event/icann-organization/dns-101-training-nordics

3 March 2021 - ICANN’s Technical Mission: https://features.icann.org/event/icann-organization/nordic-region-workshop-icann-and-its-technical-mission

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