Draft Recommendation 13

That ICANN evaluate one or more alternative decision support systems and experiment with these for supporting WGs.

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MK: reject. GNSO WGs work on the basis of consensus, a delicate process which has been explained and mapped out in the GNSO Working Group Guidelines as the result of a bottom-up multistakeholder process. Should there be consideration of any alternative decision support system, this should be considered by the GNSO and not ICANN. Also, it is not clear what such an alternative decision support system is trying to solve for?

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Recommendation 13 (Continuous Development): That ICANN evaluate one or more alternative decision support systems and experiment with these for supporting WGs.


Paul Diaz

gTLD Registries Stakeholder Group

(It Depends) It is unclear what is meant by this recommendation. Additional explanation is requested along with specific examples of possible “alternative support systems.” In the ICANN Meeting Strategy WG we heard consultants make this same claim, but they never elaborated on what that could mean. It is difficult to support this recommendation until Westlake provides a more fulsome explanation.


Osvaldo Novoa


(Support) Only experience of these systems will prove their worth. The real-time meeting tools available to Working Groups need to be significantly enhanced. Decision support systems is only one part of that effort and should not be singled out in this way. Instead, a overall approach to enhance support for realtime work in the Working Groups needs to be combined with better asynchronous tools for people unable to join calls or participate in meetings.


Laura Covington, J. Scott Evans, Marie Pattullo

Business Constituency

Unclear as to the meaning.  If this is simply a suggestion that we stay open to alternative technologies than Adobe Connect then of course we see no issue. In contrast, if the recommendation is suggesting that ICANN adopt a decision model different from the current consensus- based decision model, the BC fears that any such experiment would call into question any policy initiative developed under an alternative model and, therefore, cannot agree with any such suggestion.


Stephanie Perrin


We have more immediate problems to spend money on.


Greg Shatan


(It Depends) It is important that any alternative “decision support systems” be highly intuitive and devoid of any learning curve, which would likely only detract from community participation if made mandatory in practice.


Amr Elsadr


Regarding the criticism of email volumes on PDP WGs being large and difficult to follow, it is important to note that all emails are also publicly archived and recoverable.  It is also important to note that there are multiple studies of the ethnography of workplaces, and the complexities involved in the introduction of new information
systems meant to improve collaborative work. It is advisable to practice caution in any decisions involving replacement of systems that support the ICANN community in its collaborative work.


Olivier Crepin-Leblond


(Support) The ALAC supports any search for novel working methods that will help the continuous development of GNSO Working Groups.

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