The structure of the Working Programme and the Online tool could be:

I. EURALO strategy for the coming years (2009 – 11)

a) List of existing certified European ALSes
(on the Workspace there is currently a sub-line “List of certified European ALSs“ but showing At-Large Structure Applications and Certification Process on a worldwide level what I prefer to concentrate on Europe.
Besides a listing of a) certified ALSes and b) applications another wishful option would be a map showing location (by countries) and distribution of existing ALSes).

b) Broadening EURALO’s organisation structure

  • on a geographic level, including regions where we are not present and have no members yet like UK, Scandinavia (except ISOC Finland), Eastern Europe (except Bulgaria and Romania), South-Eastern Europe.
  • by types of organisations we want to approach and to include into EURALO like consumer organisations, privacy advocacy and civil rights and Internet user groups, new media networks, Online communities, Open Access initiatives, Free Software promoters, Bloggers, other ISOC chapters etc.
  • identifying and mapping of EURALO potentials and possible members. Listing of such contacts. Who will follow-up and how?

c) ICANN-related subjects of priority for EURALO such as new gTLDs, DNSSEC, Privacy/Whois, IPv6, Transparency & Accountability, Internet rights and principles, and others.

II. Outreach strategies
GOAL - increasing access and interest in ICANN issues within EURALO

a) Tools (to be defined, selected, described) like Mailing list (Euro-discuss), creation of a EURALO blog, etc.
EURALO is currently only known to a very small number of orgs across Europe. We need a tool to communicate EURALO activities. A bridging element is needed - existing blogs or create a EURALO blog. A big advantage of a blog would be the instant multilingualism (as every ALS can be an author in the Blog, the potential to become an easily accessible hub for information. Other options like establishment of Adobe Connect Chatroom?

b) Themes of priority and/or actuality on the European agenda

c) Outreach Documents and information material needed (EURALO flyer to be edited and produced, ICANN fact sheets and material on key subjects) and references on the ICANN Website.

A set of basic information/public awareness materials could be developed in the form of “Starter pack” for potential new members.
Current ICANN documents (see Kieren’s)

Policy Briefing documents produced for Summit -

ICANN websites on participation -

Factsheet -

Policy Issue Briefs -

Policy Updates -

ICANN Monthly Magazine -

ICANN Blog -

EURALO pamphlet - 2 or 4 pages including main EURALO issue areas, contact details; Printed on home printers of regional officers.
(Translation: Translation of documents for EURALO – On "demand" and when really needed. EURALO/ICANN would not translate. EURALO would encourage organizations in countries to translate a basic pamphlet into their language.)

d) Events and foras (Conferences, seminars, workshops, etc. organised by others offering platforms for EURALO outreach activities) such as:

  • international academic workshop on "Global Internet Governance: An Interdisciplinary Research Field in Construction", 11 May 09, Brussels;
  • IGF-Consultations, May and September 09, Geneva;
  • Chaos Comuter Club (CCC) meeting in May 09 in Cologne;
  • Socialbar events in different cities in Germany (dates TBC);
  • Blog camp in Zurich (date TBC);
  • EuroDIG, 14-15 September 09, Geneva;
  • national equivalents like the IGF-Germany (date TBC);
  • Seminars and hearings by the Council of Europe;
  • ISOC events;
  • etc.

e) *Events*organised by members or ICANN such as:
-ICANN-Studienkreis meeting, 15-16 October 09, Barcelona.
-TACD Annual Meeting, 7-10 June in Brussels.

Who is covering which event? Question of travel support!

III. How to improve involvement/participation of(already certified) member ALSes?

IV. Board organisation and working structure

After identification of “Themes of priority and/or actuality on the European agenda” (see II. b) the Board must decide who is doing and following-up what, for example
Wolf: coordination and outreach / Privacy / IRP
Dessi: secretariat and support
Patrick: DNSEC and IDN
Wolfgang and Adam: Accountability & Transparency
Olivier: IPv6
Rudi: Registrant/Registrar Relations workgroup?
Annette: new gTLDs / Privacy?
Vittorio: Internet rights and principles (IRP)?
Bill: GNSO?

Coordination and follow-ups via monthly phone conferences.

The above structure and listing is for discussion with EURALO Secretariat (Dessi) and At-Large Staff

Neuchâtel, April 09 / WL


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