1. The GA will be held in 2 parts of 180 mins total on Wednesday, 21 October:

a. Morning session will focus on content - the public interest is the main theme

b. A group lunch will be held - staff to help organize

c. Afternoon session will focus on procedural issues according to our Bylaws, including the review of the annual report, EURALO regional selections, etc.


  • 2. Wolf Ludwig to prepare a short version of a paper on the Public Interest.

Ideas shared; invite people from other constituencies,  GAC, NSCG, NCUC, other Ralos, etc


3. There was a strong approval from the OC on having the issue of the public interest be the main theme for the content part of the EURALO GA.

4. Staff with Wolf will collaborate on the EURALO Regional Leadership selections. The call for nominations will launch in August. The vote will be on the Agenda for the second GA part (on-spot). 

  • 5.  GA Agenda outline to be drafted by Wolf Ludwig, Olivier Crepin-Leblond, Roberto Gaetano  which will be discussed during the next EURALO monthly call. Issues included are the non-performance of the Board.
  • Olivier Crepin-Leblond suggested to create some performance criteria for Board members.
  • Likewise, Wolf suggests to formulate such performance criteria for the Secretariat function as well.

6. EURALO GA Networking Event should include ISOC chapters across Europe as well as NPOC, NCSG, NCUC.  Also, include the Fellows. The OC will collaborate with Jean-Jacques Sahel, GSE VP for Europe.

7. At-Large staff will work with a small group on the development of an updated EURALO outreach and engagement document. The small group will consist of Wolf Ludwig, Yuliya Morenets , Olivier Crepin-Leblond  Roberto Gaetano, Yrjo Lansipuro  and Rudi Vansnick.

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