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For reference, see EURALO Hot Topics 2016 

This workspace was used to build the EURALO Hot topics for 2017.

This report identifies the key ICANN-related policy issues for EURALO and European end users in general, as well as outreach and engagement activities conducted by EURALO members.

This report is built in a bottom-up manner. In order to obtain input from all EURALO members, whether members in an ALS or individual members, a Google Doc has been created.

The starting document is the 2016 EURALO Hot Topics document. Members were encouraged to comment and suggest amendments to the document until 30 September 2017.

Click here to access the Google Doc. (historical - as the document is now frozen)

The process has completed and has yielded the final document below:

Final Document (DocX / PDF)

Document Reference: AL-RALO-EURALO-DOC-1117-02-00-EN

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