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Past calls


Wolf Ludwig:

Go beyond simply using the Internet. If you are a European civil society end-user organization concerned with Internet-related issues, you can help influence its operation, growth and development.


EURALO unites European voices of ICANN’s At-Large community, including Internet-related civil society and consumer interests, to ensure their views are included in the bottom-up, consensus-based, multi-stakeholder ICANN policy development process.

Our members include more than 25 around 35 organisations working on Internet-focused issues, including Internet Society (ISOC) chapters and consumer groups across Europe formed into individual At-Large Structures.


For more information about EURALO and the benefits of becoming an At-Large Structure, please contact us at (staff looking into whether this address can be created and transferred to Wolf and Dessiand forward, created by Matthias, works for sure – other options like etc. I don't know!)

Learn more about EURALO on our wiki at:


“I have been a regular user of the Internet for a long time and went to an ICANN meeting in Paris in 2008…I participated in meetings of the ‘At-Large’ constituency, representing millions of individual Internet users worldwide, and was impressed about the inclusive processes which were in place to make sure that my voice was heard.”
- Olivier Crepin-Leblond, EURALO Chair, France

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Please find attache the Euralo Flyer with my comments
All the best

Thanks for this Sébastien.

I agree with the points you have made but let me respond to a few:

"no need to have this text twice in the document"
-> Agreed

"any agreement with other European Org?"
--> there is an agreement with EuroDIG. Nothing with RIPE nor CENTR yet. At this stage, as things might change, I'd prefer not to mention any specific agreements.

end users vs. Internet users
--> I know this is a bit of a religious discussion. The ICANN bylaws use:
"The At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) is the primary organizational home within ICANN for individual Internet users."

So Internet users is now the preferred term.

No - there are not growing more than the ALS and in Europe Individual members are in one ALS
--> I do not think that the text as it currently is, implies that they are growing at a faster rate than ALSes.
The text is: "There are over 190 At-Large Structures (ALSes) around the world and a growing number of independent members."
It just says that there is an increasing number of independent members, but it does not imply that they are growing at a faster rate. May suggest removing the ambiguity:
"There are over 190 At-Large Structures (ALSes) around the world and a significant number of independent members."

ISOC Chapters, capacity building org
--> I would refrain from mentioning a specific organisation name.
That said, the sentence needs re-writing. At present it is:
"Whether it is an Internet-related
consumer rights group, an academic organization, or a
public-minded individual, we share a passion for furthering
the development of ICTs and contributing to policies that
influence the technical coordination of the Domain Name

Suggestion for replacement text:
Our membership is diverse, ranging from Internet-related
consumer rights groups, academic organizations, computer
clubs, technical communities, to civil society organizations.
We share a passion for furthering the development of ICTs
and contributing to policies that influence the technical
coordination of the Domain Name System to better serve
end users.

(please note z in organisations, in line with the official calling of EURALO: European Regional At-Large Organization)

our community of end users
--> I don't think we need to repeat this here too. We've repeated it enough elsewhere on the flyer.

Finally -- a sharp eye -- well done to Sébastien for spotting Lorem Ipsum in top right hand corner of the 2nd page.

My suggestion for text there:

"Our region represents a significant number of Internet users in the world. EURALO has a significant voice in influencing ICANN's multistakeholder policy development. Why don't you consider joining as an individual or with your organization? The Internet is yours."

Kindest regards,





Email: Sun 4/3/2016 8:24 AM

Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond <>

Dear Mikhail,

thanks very much for your feedback. Please be so kind to find my answers interspersed in your text:

On 01/04/2016 15:45, Mikhail Medrish wrote:

Dear all,

I'd like to add a bit.


1. Olivier, you missed one of Sebastien's comment. On the right bottom of the first page. It is written "Join our mailing list: LINK HERE"???

This is is a pretty obvious mailing list link which Silvia can fill in.


2. About "significant numbers of independent members".

The total number of independent At-Large members is only 21. 7 independent members has NARALO and 14 members - one of our ALS - European Individual Users Association

So, I suggest either to exclude "significant" or to mention 21 as a number of such members.

Putting a number would immediately make this printed brochure obsolete. We want to seriously increase the number of individual members. What NARALO does is their own business, but in Europe, we want to significantly increase the number of members.
The original term was "growing number" -- so if "significant" does not presently describe European Individual Users Association, let's revert back to "growing number" which is more accurate, without presuming that it exceeds the number of organisations.


3. A pair of comments.


- I'm not agree with the last tow sentences in the box "What is ICANN" - left bottom on the second page.

"ICANN, formed in 1998, is a not-for-profit global organizantion dedicated to keeping the Internet secure, stable and interoperable. It promotes competition and develops policy on the Internet’s unique identifiers."

   -> "global organization" is not correct. ICANN is the USA organization, based in California. I prefer simply to exclude "global"

   -> "It promotes competition and develops policy" is not correct. No competition at all. Policies is the result of bottom up process. Policy is the result that goes from the SO and AC. 

         So, I suggest to take one phrase directly from ICANN's Bylaw instead of the last sentence.

"The mission of ICANN is to coordinate, at the overall level, the global Internet's systems of unique identifiers, and in particular to ensure the stable and secure operation of the Internet's unique identifier systems."

OK I agree. Excellent suggestion Mikhail.


I'm not aggree with the text in the box "What is the European Regional At-Large organization (EURALO) -> the last sentencie "Playing a key role in ICANN’s regional strategies, several RALOs partner with ICANN’s Global Stakeholder Engagement team to facilitate the development of critical infrastructure for the Domain Name System." is not clear to me. We are speaking about EURALO in the box with name "What is the EURALO?". ICANN has no such document as Regional Strategy for Europe (and also North America).

Thanks for pointing this out. I would have to check this with Heidi & GSE. I know that each region is supposed to have a regional strategy. So I cannot respond before having confirmation of EUROPE Regional Strategy. (both Jean Jacques Sahel & Michael Yakushev).

-> To "facilitate the development of critical infrastructure for the Domain Name System" is the issue to think about for GNSO and/or ccNSO, not for RALOs Our goals are (look at the MoU): = To provide a forum and promote and encourage European Internet users' participation and involvement in ICANN in an open, accountable and transparent manner; = To promote, understand and advocate for individual Internet users and to provide a forum for outreach, co-ordination and exchange of information and knowledge for persons who live in the European region as defined by ICANN; = To act as an interface between individual Internet users and ICANN and to promote skills development and information exchange related to the Internet amongst Members; = To breach the digital divide and encourage users in developing countries to participate in EURALO. = To promote multilingual access to, and participation in, ICANN's work, and to respect other aspects of cultural diversity As to me it is not bad to copy above wording or some part to the flyer.

Good point too. Due to space restrictions, we might need to reduce this a little bit, but the basis for this text is good. Everyone else, what do you think?


4. I have one comment directly inside the text of the email from Olivier. To change "end user" to "internet user".

... as in the bylaws. ;-)

Thanks again for your comments and have a good week-end!



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