EURALO Prague 44 planning – ALAC Anniversary

-- Planning schedule

As the idea to organize such an event at the ICANN 44 Prague meeting in June 2012 was approved at the EURALO monthly call on 24 April, this is a first outline of a planning schedule. Further details will be discussed and decided by the prep. or org. team.

Members of the prep. or org. team: Wolfgang, Annette (if available), Yrjö, Adela, Olivier, Oksana, Siranush, Rudi, Wolf and At-Large Staff.

Timing of the program slot / event:

Monday, 25 June 2012, 16:00 – 18:30

Room requirements:

100 people (minimum) plus, small stage (wishful) with armchairs, spotlight, screen and beamer for slide presentation, sound equipment for music (start and end of the info part)

1st draft of concept for the info part (90 minutes) – to be discussed:

Most members (not only) of the At-Large community are not aware about the early days and starting points of the At-Large history, its first representatives, selection and working procedures etc. (there was some discussion on “lacking legitimacy” etc. at the time). Therefore Wolfgang suggested some retrospects on the turbulent At-Large history – for the start of the info part. And Wolfgang (as the walking history book on ICANN history) would be the very best person for such an introduction. Followed by comments from Andrew McLaughlin from an early observer/reviewer perspective (to be contacted and invited). The early European ALAC representatives were Thomas Roessler and Vittorio Bertola, Sébastien Bachollet afterwards (from Asia Hong and Izumi and others to be verified for the slides). As suggested for the slides, there was a public At-Large voting process conducted in October 2000 with Andy Mueller-Maguhn (for Europe) and Karl Auerbach (for North-America) as elected ICANN Board of Directors members.

Previous Chairs:

  • Vittorio Bertola (February 2003 => March 2006)
  • Annette Muehlberg (March 2006 => March 2007)
  • Jacqueline Morris (March 2007 => October 2007)
  • Cheryl Langdon-Orr (elected in June, took over at the AGM in LA in October 2007, her term ended in December 2010)
  • Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond- December 2010 until present.

 It was decided to contact and invite them for the event to give a 5 minutes summary each on the key challenges of their chair term (Wolf).

Annette Mühlberg, as former ALAC chair in 2006 was a crucial driving-force for the introduction and start of the RALO system (one of the intermediate achievements of the At-Large development) and more than 160 ALSes worldwide now. The At-Large Summit in March 2009 in Mexico-City was another crucial step in its development, leading to a broader recognition among other constituencies incl. the ICANN Board (decision on voting Board member, Seat 15 etc.).

“How we became what we are” would be the subtitle for the ALAC retrospective, followed by an assessment of the present state and outlook and vision of At-Large. This will be the part of Olivier as the current ALAC Chair. IMO, the speakers’ “presentations” (no speeches or usual read-out statements!) should not exceed 45 to 50 minutes to allow enough space for comments and further contributions from the audience.

Links on early ALAC history:

As co-moderators for the info part are confirmed: Wolf Ludwig or Yrjö Ländsipuro, 

The info part will be complemented by the slide presentation on “At-Large then and now”, slides with ALAC milestones (visual completion of the retro debate, see below for discussion).

Background music: For the attunement, opening and the end of the info part and the cocktail party we should select some suitable music like Beethoven's "Freude schöner Götterfunke" (European anthem) and Antonin Dvorak, extracts from “New World” Symphony, Friedrich Smetana’s “Die Moldau” or the like.

Next steps: After discussion in the org. team and approval of the concept (see above), we need to

- invite the speakers incl. prior briefing on roles etc.,

- reflect and find one or two sponsors (like etc.) -- (Olivier and others).

- if we get around € 3'000 sponsoring, we can offer good drinks and snacks or cocktail party for the celebration afterwards,

- develop a good concept for promotion, announcement etc. of the event with support of Staff

These basic ideas were discussed and approved by the EURALO org. team at its 1st call end of April and to be re-affirmed at the May monthly call – to be implemented successively).


EURALO event Prague 44, June 2012

Slides with ALAC milestones (visual completion of the retro debate):

1)      Board decision on creation of At-Large (or ALAC’s birth certificate)

2)      List of ALAC Chairs from the start (possibly with photos) -- a special slide for CLO underlining her achievements to consolidate ALAC and its working procedures ...

3 – 6) (some slides) “historical” highlights

such as  the public At-Large voting process conducted in October 2000 with Andy Mueller-Maguhn and Karl Auerbach as elected ICANN Board of Directors members;

creation of RALOs (2006) and signing procedure MoU in Lisbon, March 2007

(others ?)

1st At-Large User Summit (ATLAS), Mexico-City, March 2009;

7)      first ALAC voting Board member (Seat 15) Sébastien Bachollet;

8)      At-Large Workspace

9)      ALAC Records on “40 Policy Statements submitted in 2011” (or the like)

10)    Map of org. structure incl. RALOs

11)    Visualization of an ALAC Vision ?

This is a first brainstorming to be verified and completed by others, particularly Wolfgang Kleinwächter.

Meeting Minutes:

1.  GA: According to the by laws regulations Wolf sent the first invitation. So the GA is according to the rules is convened. First is to draft a Report and send it to EURALO Board for inputs and comments. Then it will be sent to EURALO list again. If no comments arrive, then the draft will be approved in the meeting itself. Same procedure as every year.  GA will take place 13th  of June.  
Wolf suggested to concentrate on EURALO Prague Events and planning.

Review of AIs:

1) Contact the former ALAC Chairs-Vittorio, Annette, Jacqueline Morris, Cheryl. Personal invitations were sent to all of them Cheryl and Jacqueline have confirmed that they will participate.
Open point: Travel assistance, according to the budget we have until now, no much space to maneuver to provide travel assistance. Cheryl and Jacqueline will be in Prague. Most of the panel candidates are already confirmed.
Olivier: Roberto will be there, OCL hopes that being Prague such a central location.
100-125 people
Composition of panelists

Background music : We did the final selection for the sound track. Matt has compiled.  Before the opening when people arrive is Beethoven and then followed by others.
Slide show will be complementary to the event.
Yrjo: Is it the intention to synchronize the panel with the music.
First music, then panelist are in stage, at the same moment third slide is on the screen. Preliminary slide is on the screen and co-moderators start the introduction of the panelists.
OCL: From previous showcase, having a slide show is rather distracting, I would favor slides that are in sync with what is being said.
We should have a composition of slides, having someone from staff at a given moment.
Co-moderators have to decide the order in which the people are introduced.
Yrjo suggested to meet in person in Stockholm to make the suggestion.
AI: Wolf and Yrjo to start collecting slides.  The collection of material is a cross duty for all of us.  Wolf prefers 15 good slides. Deadline to send to staff: 16 June.  Matt will do the final technical compilation.

Staff:  Heidi has shared the At Large Summit videos and photos in Mexico and those from the RALO Signing Ceremonies. She asked Wolf and Yrjo to review and let us know what would be the next steps.
AI: Wolf to ask former Chairs to send historical photos by 13 June.
AI: Members of the EURALO ALAC Anniversary Event to ask others for photos from past At-Large events.

Invite Speakers
Those who are confirmed will organize and there will be a prior briefing with the panelists telling them their roles.  It should be decided by Stockholm.


The offer from the Hilton was expensive.
Now for 28 $ they are  able to offer cold and hot drinks and now 2,861 for 100 people.
ICANN can  order the cost of the cake
Issue is 2,861.
OCL got in touch with Afilias to get a sponsorship.
Any other sponsor?
Idea to contact a Czech beer sponsor.
Wolf asked if Oksana if a letter could be written to some other sponsors.
Oksana can perhaps with Sebastian and make first approach to get funding.
AI : ALAC Chair could send a short invitation to Desiree and Afilias Oksana : Short letter to Czech Brewer.

Develop a concept for Promotion of the event:

Heidi: Pins have been approved by OCL and they are of a good design. They say "10 year Anniversary of ALAC" they will be handed over at the beginning of the ceremony. Lanyards will be also distributed. Pens cost 485$. Pens could also be distributed in the bags to all participants.
OCL: Pens are not essential.
Yrjo agreed.
However a very good pen version is good, but the average quality pen is lousy and breaks down.
Heidi mentioned that good quality pens are $ 750 for 1,500
Deadline to have the items in the bag is 14th of June. items must be in Prague. One option is to have the design of the button.
It could say "The ALAC and EURALO cordially invite you to the ALAC Anniversary Event".
OCL: agreed.
Heidi: Will ask if the event can be put on the ICANN Website.
AI: Having Invitations at the beginning of the meeting.
Wolf proposed to have a meeting during the GA in Stockholm in the evening to discuss more details.


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