Dispute Resolution notes:

- Ad-Hoc Arbitration panel to be convened when needed.
- Only EURALO members to form the Panel
- Who selects members of the Arbitration Panel
- Wolf suggests an open call to members
- If there are only 3 candidates they can be agreed by consensus call
- If more than 3, panelists shall be selected by online vote
- Proposal : Nomination by each party and then they select the third person


- EURALO to bring to the future ABSDT the issue of "none of the above" when voting on ALAC selection to the ICANN Board.

a) Quorum for people in the funded f2f meetings: 1/2 present (50% + 1)
b) Non funded F2F meeting: 50% + 1

proxies will be accepted in both cases
Majority proposal: 50% + 1

Online meeting quorum

- 50% +1 for online meeting


- Qualified majority of all the membership : 50% + 1
- Group to think about abstentions : Due to abstentions if no qualified majority, a second round of voted will be done without abstentions

- Florian Hule to incorporate decisions on voting in the draft

  • Yesim Nazlar to send a doodle to set up the next  during week of July10th

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