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EPDP Final Report

Redline Version

20 February 2019

In addition to the administrative updates to reflect that this is the Final Report, a new section has been added concerning the public comment period on the Initial Report. Furthermore, following the outcomes of the Toronto F2F meeting, the relevant recommendations and other sections of the report have been updated to reflect:

  • Highlighted in green – purposes / recommendations that have received the general support of the EPDP Team for inclusion
  • Highlighted in blue – items that are still under active consideration (if you have suggestions in relation to these items, please make sure to introduce these as part of the relevant agenda items for upcoming meetings)
  • Highlighted in yellow – updates to be made following review of language to reflect the approach that has been in principle agreed by the EPDP Team
  • Other redline changes – intended to clarify and/or address input provided by the EPDP Team during its deliberations

How to provide inputGoogle Doc Link
Similar to how this was done for the Initial Report, you are requested to provide your group’s input via the following google document. Please refrain from proposing edits to the sections highlighted in green as the current wording reflects in certain cases a carefully crafted compromise. Any changes in relation to these sections will need to go back to the full EPDP Team review. For other sections, minor updates / corrections will be applied by staff. Any substantive changes / edits will be brought back to the EPDP Team for consideration.Click here
Status of review, including deadlinesLast updated
Status of review - updated 6 February 2019.docxWednesday, 6 February
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