Customer Standing Committee (CSC) Meeting 23

17 September 2018 @ 20:00 – 21:30 UTC



1. Welcome

2. Action items (only report on open items).

Action 22 01 2018

PTI will send their report via email and Amy will draft the CSC report. Once that is sent, Members are asked to send their approval via email.


Action 22 02 2018

Liaisons: I will be reaching out to you separately to get an update on the selection of the new representative from your groups.


3. CSC Effectiveness Review and IANA Function Review

a. Template of CSC Effectiveness Review

Template CSC Effectiveness Review version 03 12 September.docx

Template CSC Effectiveness Review version 03 12 September.pdf

b. Current Status of IFR

c. Appointment of CSC Liaison to CSC Effectiveness Review (Terms of Reference)

d. Appointment of CSC Liaison to IFRT (Bylaws Section 18.7.K)


4. PTI Performance August 2018

a. PTI report to CSC


b. CSC report

CSC Aug 2018 Report_redline.docx


5. SLA Change Mechanism

Changing SLEs Revised Sept 14.pptx

Changing SLEs Revised Sept 14.pdf


CLEAN - SLA Amendment Process_draft ver3.docx

CLEAN - SLA Amendment Process_draft ver3.pdf

6. CSC Amended Charter

Item 6 20180627 Amended Charter of the Customer Standing Committee.pdf

a. Letter from chairs ccNSO and GNSO Council re adoption of amended charter (letter and amended charter with date of adoption to be included)

Item 6a ccNSO_Council-Resolution_142-02.pdf

Item 6a GNSO_Council-Resolution_20180627-1.pdf

b. Actions flowing from Amended Charter

Item 6b CSC Charter Final Report vs Amended Charter v3.xlsx

    1. Change Mechanism of RAP (per amended charter) -> add to RAP
    2. Include Requirement to inform RySG, ccNSO and GNSO Councils on invoking RAP and on progress (per amended charter)
    3. Organization of Meetings with Board (per amended charter)


7. CSC Membership Update

New Appointed Members/Liaisons

Brett Carr, ccNSO – replacing Jay Daley

Gaurav Vedi, RySG – replacing Kal Feher

Lars-Johan Liman, RSSAC – reappointment

Nigel Cassimire, GAC – replacing Elise Lindeberg

8. Next Meeting: Monday, 15 October at 20:00 UTC

9. AOB

10. Adjourn

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