Customer Standing Committee (CSC) Meeting 13

17 August 2017 @ 20:00 – 21:30 UTC




1.     Welcome and Introduction


2.      Action items (only report on open items)


Action 12 2017 01

Elise G going forward PTI reports should be based on new methodology. Agreed to start with update June PTI report


Action 12 2017 02

Bart come up with scenario's for SLE change procedure

AI2 Description SLE change procedure following CSC charter.pdf


Action 12 2017 03

James, Byron and Bart to work on logistics for ccNSO and GNSO Council approval of changes to SLE


Action 12 2017 04

Elaine to circulate to CSC proposed changes to CSC charter


Action 12 2017 05

Byron to put forward sketch of first year annual reporting framework (August meeting) to present to community in Abu Dhabi

Ongoing, update during call



3.     PTI Performance July 2017


a. PTI report to CSC

PTI report to CSC 201707-final.pdf

b. CSC report

CSC Jul2017 Report.pdf 

4.     Update from Remedial Action Procedures Working Group


5.     Update on Procedure for SLA Amendment

6.     Update on CSC Charter Review

a.     Confirmation adoption terms of reference CSC charter review process (adopted, see email)

b.     CSC review of its charter

Item 6 CSC_Charter with Notes August 2.docx

Item 6 Proposed Changes - Chart.docx

Item 6 Proposed Changes - Chart.pdf 

7.     ICANN60 Abu Dhabi (28 October - 3 November)


a.     Outline Annual Update/Report (action 05, see above)

Item 7 Outline CSC Annual Report 2017.pdf

b.     Proposed Meetings schedule

Item7b CSC and Review Team ICANN60 - Abu Dhabi.pdf

c.     Outline Presentations: What needs to be included?

        i.     Topics

                ii.     Full-deck and Summary deck?


8.     AOB

9.     Adjourn

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