Customer Standing Committee (CSC) Meeting 25

16 November 2018 @ 19:00 – 21:00 UTC



1. Welcome


2. Action items (only report on open items)


Action 01 24 2018

CSC to look at language CSC Effectiveness Review team assessment matrix


Action 02 24 2018

Report to be sent out


Action 03 24 2018

CSC to schedule face-to-face meeting during ICANN AGM going forward. Agenda to be drafted well ahead of the meeting.

Related: CSC to meet with members of the ICANN Board during community forum meeting


Action 04 24 2018

Secretariat to schedule CSC F2F during AGM and Community Forum for block 2 on Monday (after opening ceremony)


Action 05 24 2018

By Mid-November Trang (ICANN Org) to share major milestones project plan to get to ICANN and PTI approval for changing IANA Naming Function Contract with respect to the Service Levels change process


Action 06 24 2018

Trang to share by next meeting with CSC:

  • Procedures themselves
  • Amendment
  • Mock-up of webpages, referencing the SLA

SLA webpage v2.pdf


Action 07 24 2018

Naela to provide background information with respect to proposed changes actual service levels (as already identified)


Action 08 24 2018

Secretariat to provide update RAP Procedures plus explanation of required changes before next meeting


Action 09 24 2018

Secretariat to schedule next CSC meeting for 2 hours at convenient time for all


3. PTI Performance October 2018

a. PTI report to CSC


b. CSC report

CSC October 2018 Report_redlined.docx

4. Evaluation of CSC Barcelona Meeting: Lessons Going Forward


5. SLA Change Mechanism

Overview Materials.docx

Document provides some visuals for document requirements, the process flow for amending the IANA Naming Functions Contract: Annex A, a text based project plan and the same plan but in a more visual calendar format.

Procedure for Modifying the Process for Amending the IANA Naming Service Level Agreements.docx

This is the latest process version for how to amend a SLA. Please note we have now shown how the original table format which created 4 categories of SLA change types is fully captured in the process.

SLA Amendment Process_Draft for Consideration.docx

Procedure for Modifying the Process for Amending the IANA Naming Service Level Agreements: latest version for a mechanism allowing us to change the SLA Amendment Process.

6. RAP Update

draft RAP revisions November 2018 clean.pdf


7. Next Meeting: Friday, 14 December or defer to 15 January

            a. Fixed time for meetings


8. AOB

9. Adjourn

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