Customer Standing Committee (CSC) Meeting 49

14 April 2021 @ 14:00 – 15:30 UTC


1) Welcome & Roll Call

2) Meeting ICANN Board Technical Committee – CSC (30 minutes)

a)  Introduction CSC

b)  Introduction BTC

c)  Q&A, discussion

3) CSC regular meeting- roll cal

4) Action items

Action Items

Action item 03 46 2020

Amy to Inform CSC when IFRT has submitted final report to the Board

Pending decision IFRT

Action item 04 46 2020

Liman to send note endorsing the recommendations to the Board

Pending closure Action item 03 46 2020

Action item 01 48 2021

Adopt Finding  report February 2021 online


Action item 02 48 2021

PTI to express view whether or not to adjust thresholds measurement basis (change from calendar days to business days)

To be discussed under item 6 a

Action item 03 48 2021

Discuss process with PTI, whether this process (Creation or redelegation gTLDs/contractor review) needs to be rewritten to only measure actions of PTI.

To be discussed under item 6 b

Action item 04 48 2021

Chair to invite Jamaes Gannon and Elaine Pruis to share view whether to change the threshold RZ-LGR related SLA from days to business days


To be discussed under item 6 a

Action item 05 48 2021

CSC members to select a chair and vice-chai


Action item 06 48 2021

Secretariat to schedule upcoming CSC meetings and send invites


 5) PTI Performance March 2021

a) PTI report to CSC March

b) CSC Findings PTI Performance March 2021.


6) Review Thresholds SLAs

a) Need to adjust (calendar) days to business days?

For discussion

Follow-up discussions on SLA thresholds. Initial analyses shows manual thresholds are recorded in days. Assumption is that they are defined as calendar days. Discussion whether suggesting a change from calendar days to business days adds value.

b) Need to adjust process creation or redelegation gTLD/contractor review?

For discussion

See action item 03 48 2021

 7) Update CSC membership


ICANN Org will initiate the CSC membership selection process before ICANN71

8) Joint CSC / PTI webinar to update and inform community?

For discussion

ICANN71 may provide an opportunity to inform and update direct customers through a webinar.

 9) Next meetings

  • Meeting 50, Monday 17 May 2021, 02.00 UTC
  • Meeting 51, Wednesday 16 June 2021, 10.00 UTC
  • Meeting 52, Wednesday 21 July 2021, 18.00 UTC

Proposal is to limit the August CSC meeting to approve the Findings report PTI performance July 2021 online

10) AOB

11) Adjourn

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