NARALO General Assembly

Tuesday, 24 June - 11:00-13:00


1st Hour - In-person NARALO Monthly Meeting

2nd Hour - Extra Spotlights and Additional Business - Focus on BIG IDEAS


EURALO General Assembly (TBD)

Tuesday, 24 June - 12:30-14:30


A.      Standing issues (15 minutes)

1. Opening, Welcome to Group and to Special Guest Jean-Jacques Sahel, ICANN Vice President of Stakeholder Engagement for Europe

2. Confirmation of attending members and apologies

3. Confirmation of the assembly quorum

4. Adoption of the proposed Agenda

5. Adoption of the meeting minutes from the last GA 2013, Lisbon


B.      Proposed agenda items (45 minutes)

6. Guest and Key speakers: Sébastien Bachollet (ICANN Board), Jean-Jacques Sahel, VP, Stakeholder Engagement Europe and Olivier Crépin-Leblond, ALAC Chair  (15 minutes; 5 minutes each)

7. Discussion and adoption of the EURALO Chair’s Report 2013-2014 (10 minutes)

8. Briefing and approval of the EURALO budget FY 2014-15 suggested to ICANN in the frame of CROPP program (5 minutes)

9. 2014 EURALO Selections -  Re-selections by formal approval of

a) Sandra Hoferichter, ALAC member, b) Yrjö Lansipuro for the NomCom 2014-15

C.      EURALO assessment and functioning (90 minutes)

10. How to improve EURALO’s in-reach, member involvement and current functioning? (ideas, means, steps and tools?)

11. Outreach – a “leadership job” only or a common challenge for all?

12. How to improve role and functioning of the EURALO Board?

13. How to encourage more participation at ALAC – ICANN (incl. regular WGs etc.)?

14. Ideas on EURALO’s strategy and planning for 2014-15 and after.

15. Miscellaneous

16. Closing of General Assembly




LACRALO General Assembly (TBD)

Wednesday 25 June 12:00–15:00



1- Procedure to determine the way to reach consensus with the regards to ALAC's opinion to certify an ALSes.  (20 min)
2.- Procedure to issue a LACRALO declaration about an issue of interest  (10 min)
3.- Procedure to improve participation of ALS and in LACRALO and ICANN  (30 min).
4.- Proposal to make uniform the EN and ES versions of the Rules of Procedure (25 min)
5.- Proposal to modify LACRALO Operating Principles  (25 min).


1- Procedimiento que determina la forma de llegar a consenso respecto de la opinión que ALAC pide para certificar una ALS. (20 min)
2.- Procedimiento para la forma en que LACRALO emite una declaración sobre un tema de interés. (10 minutos)
3.- Propuesta de mecanismo para como mejorar la participación de una ALS y sus integrantes en   LACRALO o   ICANN,. (30 minutos).
4.- Propuesta para uniformar las versiones en inglés y español de las Reglas de Procedimiento. (25 minutos)
5.- Propuesta para modificar los principios operativos de LACRALO (25).

APRALO General Assembly (TBC after May monthly call) 

Wednesday 25 June 11:00 - 13:00

Main topics:

1. Introduction of ALSs - Siranush Vardanyan (10 minutes)

 2. Consensus call/selection of APRALO leadership (APRALO Chair, APRALO Vice Chair/s, ALAC member, APRALO NomCom Member for 2015 in accordance with the new APRALO ROP) - Siranush Vardanyan (20 minutes)

 3. The role of ALSs and their importance to APRALO and ALAC for input in decision making process - Cheryl Langdon-Orr (40 minutes)

 4. Outreach activities - how to involve more ALSs to become an active participants of At-Large community - Kuek, Kelvin and ALSs (brainstorming) - Siranush Vardanyan (40 minutes)

 5. Conclusion and Next Steps - Siranush Vardanyan (10 minutes)

AFRALO General Assembly

Wednesday, 25 June 15:00–17:00

 1.  Information issues

 2.  ICANN Africa Strategy (Pierre, ICANN VP for Africa) 10’

 3. Activity report From Dakar to London (Aziz) 15’

 4.  FAQs (all) 10’

 2.-      Topics for discussions


2.1  Community Regional Outreach Pilot Project (Fatimata) 5’

2.2     Review of the AFRALO Operating Principles (Tijani) 5’

2.3    Challenges for AFRALO: How to improve the participation of ALS’s within AFRALO (Mohamed) 5’

2.4    ICANN Mentor Pilot Project (Philip) 5’

 3.     Debate (all) 35’


4.      Any Other Business



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