FY23 Additional Budget Request Results for RALO Funding to Support an Outreach Activity

This activity will be supported by the Global Stakeholder Engagement (GSE) with assistance from the Policy At-Large staff team. 

Request forms are reviewed by Patrick Jones, Senior Director, GSE, and GSE regional Vice Presidents (depending on the RALO making the request), with support from Heidi Ullrich, VP for Policy, At-Large Relations, Silvia Vivanco, Senior Manager, At-Large Regional Affairs (AFRALO, LACRALO, NARALO), and Gisella Gruber, At-Large Relations and Operations Manager (APRALO, EURALO).


RALO Discretionary Criteria:

1.0  Purpose of the Discretionary Funding

To provide opportunities for members of all RALOs to do local outreach and engagement about ICANN and ICANN policy related issues within the region.

Please refer to the Finance and Budget Subcommittee (FBSC) Proposal, page 7 HERE for more details.

2.0 Selection Criteria

  1. The applications for funding support for the local  ALS activity must come from a certified ALS or individual member that has demonstrated to be active by consistently participating in the regional monthly calls at least once every 3 months.

  2. The ALS  or individual has previously organized or attended a special event with tangible outreach and engagement activities with specific expected results.

  3. The funds should be a portion of the full budget for the event.  

  4. The Discretionary funds use shall be in alignment with the RALO Strategic Outreach Plans filed for the relevant Fiscal year. 

  5. Staff will consider regional balance within each RALO during their review of the requests.

  6. For virtual engagement events, the RALOs are strongly encouraged to focus funding on online activities that involve collaborative engagement activities that reach across more than one RALO. While cross RALO events are encouraged, single virtual RALO/ALs activities will be also considered. Funding requests are limited to hosts of virtual events for reimbursement on activities that facilitate and/or promote these events rather than reimbursement to users for access to online events.  Additionally, requests will be considered to reimburse registration fees for virtual events. (draft text).  

3.0 Application Process

  1. request form needs to be completed to initiate the process.
  2. The request needs to be reviewed and approved by the appropriate Regional leadership and GSE regional Vice Presidents (depending on the RALO making the request). 
  3. The request must be submitted at least three weeks prior to the planned activity. 
  4. Approval (or not) will be informed via email to the organization representative that made the request.

4.0 Approval Process

  1. Staff determines if request follows the established criteria and is in alignment with regional priorities. Consult with the region officials if in doubt.

  2. Staff determines if there are sufficient funds available to support the request. If not, the maximum allowed for the request will be what is available in the fund at the moment of the request.

  3. If necessary, Staff coordinates a conference call with RALO leadership and the person(s) making the request with the purpose of gathering more details about the utilization of the funds.

5.0 Reporting and reimbursement 

  1. All requests and its final approval (or not) are to be published in a WIKi page for transparency purposes.

  2. The ALS or individual member must produce, not later than 15 days after the end of the engagement, a report summarizing its outreach efforts and possible outcome.

  3. Reimbursement will be processed by TBD, upon receipt of paid invoices, after the event has taken place or project is completed.

IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING TRAVEL BOOKING: All trips on buses, train and planes as well as hotel accommodation must be booked through ICANN Constituency Travel. Please work with At-Large staff on any travel booking under the RALO Discretionary Funding ABR.

FY23 RALO Available Funds

Each RALO is granted $4k for FY23


 Funds Used

Available Funds


FY23 RALO Requests


Date Submitted

Date of Event

Submitted within three weeks of Event?







NARALO15 January 20239-10 June 2023YesEduardo Diaz on behalf of Internet Society of Puerto RicoNASIG 2023 catering for 50 people over two days.The 2023 North American School of Internet Governance (NASIG) is a capacity-building event that aims to teach the principles, norms, rules, policies, and organizations that shape the internet. Internet governance refers to the development and application of shared principles that guide the evolution and use of the internet, as well as the decision-making processes and organizations involved in shaping it. NASIG also seeks to empower the next generation of internet leaders. This year, NASIG will be held at the American University in Washington, DC, a prestigious institution known for its commitment to excellence and diversity. Founded in 1893, American University is a private research university located in the heart of the nation's capital. It is home to a diverse student body and faculty, focusing on global engagement and social responsibility. The theme for NASIG 2023 is inclusion and accessibility, an important and timely topic in internet governance. Inclusion and accessibility ensure that all individuals have equal opportunities to participate and benefit from the internet regardless of their background or circumstances. This includes universal access, digital literacy, and the inclusion of marginalized and disadvantaged communities. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the internet has played a critical role in keeping the world connected. However, the pandemic has revealed that only some have equal access to the internet, and various communities may need help accessing the web due to inadequate individual elements, features, or the overall web experience. Inclusion and accessibility are, therefore, essential areas of study in the context of internet governance, as they address the "digital divide" and work towards increasing high-speed internet adoption for all. NASIG 2023 aligns with the ICANN mission to promote the stable and secure operation of the Internet's unique identifier systems. Through this event, the North America GSE will have an opportunity to make in-road into the academic sector and outreach to community members, as American University is a major partner for this event. This aligns with ICANN's strategic plan to engage and educate various stakeholders, including academia, on the importance and workings of the unique identifier systems. Furthermore, the proposed activity demonstrably relates to ongoing policy, advisory, or technical work, as it extends the outreach and engagement efforts of the ICANN fellowship and NextGen program. The main audience of the event consists of participants of the ICANN Fellowship Program and the ICANN NextGen Program. As seen in the NASIG 2022 event, the organization was able to outreach and engage 43 new ISOC Puerto Rico members and two new NARALO individual members and is engaging two At-Large Structures. This highlights the potential impact of the NASIG event in building engagement with ICANN's key stakeholders. In terms of specific outcomes, the organization expects attendees to leave the event with a deeper understanding of the concepts of accessibility and inclusion as they relate to internet governance. Additionally, the organization aims to outreach and engage a minimum of two participants to become members of NARALO as individual members or as an At-Large Structure. The event also aims to provide networking and learning opportunities for attendees, and by the event's prestige, it is expected that attendees will have increased influence and participation in other related fora. The school will be held on June 9-10, 2023.$4,000Approved
EURALO10 Feb 202328 Feb 2023NoSebastien BacholletCatering

Cocktail (food & drinks for all the audience) + Dinner by invitation sponsored by ICANN. Other costs are taking care by other structure (the city and library of Varzy, local association CLEF, ISOC France)

How does the request align with the local RALO Outreach Plan?
2/ Involve new people or new groups into the ICANN policy and organization making processes to strengthen the voice of Internet individual end-user. 3/ Mobilize current community members in identifying new ways and tools. Organize a manifestation with the participation of local actors (including politicians, leaders of NGOs...)

EURALO10 Feb 20231 March 2023YesSebastien Bachollet on behalf of ISOC Norway.Train travel

2/ Involve new people or new groups into the ICANN policy and organization making processes to strengthen the voice of Internet individual end-user. 3/ Mobilize current community members in identifying new ways and tools. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), ISOC Norway, Norsk Forening for Jus og EDB (nfje.no) and iQ Global (iq.global) invites to an evening workshop on 2. March 2023. Will help to involved new people and also current community members.

It will provide opportunities for members of all ISOC Norway to do local outreach and engagement about ICANN and ICANN policy related issues within the region.

EURALO6 April 202322-26 May 2023YesSebastien BacholletParticipation FeeRIPE86 participation for the week. To enhance the relationship between RIPE NCC and EURALO.$450Approved
EURALO25 April 202315 May 2023YesWolfgang KleinwaechterTrain travel and hotelParticipation in ICANN Outreach Meeting Germany/Berlin, Meeting of German ALS with broader Community and ICANN.orgs.$400


Cancelled due to train strike

EURALO5 May 202319-21 June 2023YesOksana PrykhodkoHotel-StipendParticipation in EuroDIG$700Approved
APRALO15 May 2023

12-13 September 2023 

To be invoiced by 15 June 2023

YesAmrita ChoudhuryAPRALO General Assembly Promotional ItemsT-shirt and Thermos for APRALO GA (100 T shirt @9.5 USD and 70 Thermos @ 30 USD)$3,050Approved

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