00:19:56 Judith Hellerstein: Sorry for being late

00:25:28 Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond: Today's Agenda is on: https://community.icann.org/x/wIuGBg

00:27:06 Jahangir Hissain: thanks Olivier

00:28:32 nigelhickson: Here are Day 0 Events; https://www.intgovforum.org/multilingual/day-0-events-2019

00:28:43 mscade: Apologies to be delayed in joining.

00:29:00 Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond: welcome @all

00:29:38 mscade: How would you know what hotels are close to the venue.

00:29:46 mscade: So sorry to be delayed in joining.

00:35:00 geoffreykaregeya: @Veni, Is there any plan in place to grow National IGFs? This is my first time to attend this meeting. And am attending from Rwanda

00:35:21 mscade: Some delegations have the option to bring in advisors. Can we perhaps discuss this a bit? For instance, Nigeria NRI has gained support to require private sector [that is a broad term/not meaning only business] as PS advisors to any such events. I can respond to the question about National IGFs, Geoffrey.

00:35:56 mscade: I am involved with the NRI network and the Focal Point in supporting NRIs, so perhaps I can take that question?

00:41:44 shreedeep rayamajhi: the work done by the nri group is really good

00:41:59 mscade: Geoffrey — I am marilynscade@hotmail.com.

00:42:17 geoffreykaregeya: Thank you

00:42:29 Mandy.Carver: For IGF 2019 https://www.estrel.com/en/convention-center.html is the venue - and there is a large hotel directly attached - https://www.estrel.com/en/hotel/rooms-suites.html Map quest would indicate other hotels in the area and my understanding is there is mass transit connecting the area and the rest of Berlin

00:42:41 mscade: Shreedeep, the NRI network is only as powerful as each individual/Geoff/Shreedeep is a great champion.

00:44:36 Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond: Thanks @Mandy

00:46:53 geoffreykaregeya: Voice lost

00:46:56 geoffreykaregeya: Is back

00:59:17 Sivasubramanian M: No. please don't wait that long to revisit this

01:00:50 Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond: @Siva: we have tried for more than a year. Let's focus on the work now - as long as it does not fundamentally change our ability to function

01:02:40 mscade: Perhaps a Terms of Reference, rather than Charter?

01:04:36 Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond: +1 Marilyn. Thanks

01:07:02 mscade: As I was one of the members of the community, along with Tony Holmes, questioning this and its purpose and how the decision was taken over the concerns of some of the community, I would like to speak.

01:07:19 mscade: I can’t seem to raise a hand.

01:07:32 Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond: ok you're next Marilyn

01:09:53 Abdeldjalil Bachar Bong: What are the impact of ITU-D membership of ICANN to the current multistakholder model inside ICANN?

01:15:24 Sivasubramanian M: Becoming one among a hundred members in ITU D, in a sense, lowers ICANN's stature

01:16:03 Sivasubramanian M: Couldn't we work on an on par engagement framework?

01:17:20 Sivasubramanian M: Organization to Organization engagement between ICANN, ISOC, WEF and ITU etc?

01:17:34 mscade: Theresa Swinehart - document/I thought we were going to have a discussion/as some of us in the face to face meetings had concerns, including the use of blogs as a form of communication with the community.

01:18:04 Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond: Thanks @Marilyn for bringing this up

01:20:41 Yrjo Lansipuro: Yes, Siva. Since 2006, when even mentioning the name of ICANN at the Plenipot was like a breach of etiquette, the ICANN-ITU relations were developed on a high level, organisation to organisation. IMO, membership in ITU-D is like switching from the high road to the low road

01:21:03 mscade: The tracking of legislative initiatives and IGOs, etc. is a very helpful undertaking. Yes, Mandy, the language used to describe it was a little confusing. Appreciate your clarification. Can the comments in the consultation be shared with this group? Or just point us to where the comments are posted. For good. Or bad, blogs are not the best way to communicate with the ICANN community.

01:21:34 mscade: So, where would we post comments? That was not at all clear in the discussion, when we were told: there was a blog. :-)

01:22:38 nigelhickson: @Yrjo - agree re high level interaction ; am sure will congtiuen best

01:23:48 Mandy.Carver: trackingfeedback@icann.org

01:24:14 Sivasubramanian M: Thanks Yrjo. Yes,it is switching from a high road to low road. We don't have to recognize and 'enhance' the legitimacy of ITUU by doing thus

01:24:30 mscade: Thanks, Yrjo. The D Sector is not the strongest player at the ITU. And often those from governments who participate there are not the most senior government officials. The T Sector is probably the most challenging to ICANN’s work. If it is not apparent, some T Sector meetings are multi days long/multi meetings per year, and highly politicized in some areas.

01:25:47 Sivasubramanian M: bye

01:25:52 Abdeldjalil Bachar Bong: Thanks so much

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