Date: Monday, 11 March 2019                           

Time:  06:15-07:45 UTC (15:15-16:45 local time)

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Staff:  Nigel Hickson


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ICANN Meeting 64 - Ruby - CCWG-IG Public Session -

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Transcript: TRANS_CCWG-IG F2F-en

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D R A F T  A G E N D A

  1. Introduction and welcome

  2. Approval of Agenda

  3. Discussion on Extraterritoriality - ISOC presentation by Rinalia Abdul Rahim, SVP, followed by discussion (50 minutes);

  4. ICANN proposed “Charter” and IG Engagement Strategy; Theresa Swinehart; TBC (15 minutes);

  5. IG Updates including on UN High Level Panel, IGF 2019 and the GCSC (20 minutes)

  6. Any other Business

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