Test Plan and Strategy - September

Testing of First 500 Pages - December

Remediation work 

Final Report for Phase 1- A collaboration project has been created in Basecamp 

Lessons Learned

  • Training created eye-opening new perspective on how code is developed and importance of CSS styling, and KIFs.

  • Ramp up of tools, training, and process take time but result in higher payoff in building accessible websites.

  • Building Accessible websites generally result in better pleasing websites.

  • Front end designer and UX are critical to the process.  

  • ICANN has a lot of Accessibility technical debt due to lack of standards, discipline, knowledge, and vendors not required or aware to follow accessibility guidelines.  ICANN should build accessibility checklist and guidelines in procurement before making award.

  • All ICANN IT should take the training course, ICANN should expand beyond Development and QA to create the right mind-set.

  • Learning was enjoyable and meaningful.  Deep appreciation for the purpose.

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