Action Items:

1. Timeframes  for our published objectives were discussed:  ALL TF Members to please make their selections / classification directly on the wiki page table 


Priority 1 - Highest, 2 - Secondary, 3 - Tertiary;  N/A = Not (reasonably) Achievable 

Level Of Effort  marked using  a Star Rating  * (1) Low Effort, ** (2) Moderate/Medium, or *** (3) Higher / but still Reasonable Effort Required,  N/A = Not (reasonably) Achievable 

Time Frame for Start/Completion of Project** a.  less than 6 months;  b. 6-18;  c. 18 months or longer


2. Judith Hellerstein to send a list of the meeting transcripts which are not working to staff.


3. Staff to create a WIKI space so that our Objectives and priority classification list(s) and any outcomes such as  key resources for ICANN to utilize, check lists for meetings etc.,  is easily found and accessible by the wider ICANN Community and Staff.


4. WG to have a meeting in LA


5. Next meeting:  in 2 weeks and a doodle will be sent by staff


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