Kathy Schnitt:Welcome to the ICANN Accessibility Taskforce Call on Wednesday 20 August 2014 at 18:00 UTC.

  Kathy Schnitt:Agenda: https://community.icann.org/x/EcXhAg

  Kathy Schnitt:Welcome Ken

  Ken Hansen (Help Them Hear):Thank you Kathy!

  Glenn McKnight:Calling in

  Glenn McKnight:test

  Kathy Schnitt:Welcome Glenn

  Judith Hellerstein:Sorry to be late

  Joe Catapano:Thanks!

  Glenn McKnight:A summary  video of our  Singapore  meeting 

  Glenn McKnight:http://youtu.be/w3GfgobNCpk?list=UUJA15ByE_VwRwN6gGjZhWTg

  silvia.vivanco@icann.org:Hello all

  Judith Hellerstein:Yes it was agood meeting

  Glenn McKnight:@judith  i will speak after this call on the CROPP meeting

  silvia.vivanco@icann.org:We will be happy to support you with any and all requests

  Judith Hellerstein:In building a culture of disability we also need to talk about the inabiliity of blind or low eye sight in using the chat, see the presentations and be on the call at same time

  Glenn McKnight:Its critical  that our WG  has  reps  from these communities and get their  feedback

  Glenn McKnight:Item One  Toolkit, We  need to define  what  it consists of.  ie.  Videos, slideshows , resources  etc

  Ken Hansen (Help Them Hear):Glenn +1 on direct involvement from those in the community

  Glenn McKnight:Item Two   Training  within the ICANN  Academy?

  Judith Hellerstein:videos and slide shows with many pictures are not good for people who are blind

  Laura Bengford:Agree with timeframes, maybe also include level of effort (LOE)

  Ken Hansen (Help Them Hear):Timeframes are good

  Judith Hellerstein:I think 6-8 months is medium and short term could be 3-4

  Glenn McKnight:Some  things  are  immediate.  or  low  hanging fruit  others  are very tough

  Glenn McKnight:hence  quite  long

  Laura Bengford:Maybe LOE is Very High, High, Medium, Low

  Judith Hellerstein:where is the wiki page? Do you have the address?

  Anthony Niiganii (MBE):https://community.icann.org/display/atlarge/At-Large+Ad-Hoc+ICANN+Accessibility+Working+Group

  Glenn McKnight:If you recall that  ATLAS  2  Declaration  stressed  accessibility to the disabled  communities

  Judith Hellerstein:no I am not happy

  Judith Hellerstein:@anthony that is not the wiki that Cheryl is using

  Laura Bengford:https://community.icann.org/display/atlarge/ICANN+Accessibility+Taskforce+2014.08.20

  Glenn McKnight:Provide  the  direct  policy/creditials

  Gunela Astbrink:We have some references already in the Singapore wiki workspace and can include the ATLAS II reference

  Laura Bengford:Trying clicking refresh on the wiki page and it will reflect Cheryl's updated notes.

  Ken Hansen (Help Them Hear):One good short term task would be to take an inventory of what ICANN already does to address accessibility.  Do we already have that?

  silvia.vivanco@icann.org:We are getting transcripts within 1 - 2 weks

  silvia.vivanco@icann.org:depends on whether the transcript is translated

  silvia.vivanco@icann.org:if translated it may  take longer

  Olivier Crepin-Leblond:@Ken: good idea, like a snapshot of what's already there now

  Glenn McKnight: I think  ICANN  focused only on  the  Website

  Glenn McKnight:ie  compliance to W3c.   I don't  think the section 508  or  ADA compliance has not  been  assessed

  Heidi Ullrich:+1 CLO, Would you like the idea of a suggstion page to be an AI?

  Judith Hellerstein:I agreee with Glenn

  Glenn McKnight:Some  stuff  is much easier  but  other  stuff  takes  real effort and money, 

  Judith Hellerstein:sorry I had forgotten to lower my hand

  Glenn McKnight:ICANN is a  US  Based  501C  and is obligated to compliant

  Judith Hellerstein:+1 gunella

  Judith Hellerstein:+1 Glenn

  Judith Hellerstein:yes they need to be compliant with the US ADA

  Judith Hellerstein:captioning is a must and then it is really easy to turn the captioning into transcripts

  silvia.vivanco@icann.org:@ Judith we are asking ICANN staff re the possibiltity to add captioning

  silvia.vivanco@icann.org:Kathy will take care of audio for Ken

  Judith Hellerstein:Hi ken perhaps you need to refresh your page

  Kathy Schnitt:I am checking with Ken to see if we can dial out to him and also to give him directions to speak via ac

  Ken Hansen (Help Them Hear):Think I am on now

  Glenn McKnight:@Gunella   I missed  most of your  comment due to crazy  skype chat  interuptions

  Judith Hellerstein:+1 Ken

  Glenn McKnight:@ ken  they  should  be provided in the toolkit  the  best practices to implement

  Glenn McKnight:A proper  assessment of the venue

  Judith Hellerstein:Captioning is a short term priority

  Gunela Astbrink:The wider stocktake would need clear guidelines

  Glenn McKnight:Special  efforts to those  attending  the main event  with special needs to given  priority to the hotel

  Anthony Niiganii (MBE):+1 Ken about registars and registrants...is ICANN able to identify any that are disability related, or specific, business?

  Judith Hellerstein:as is a disability awareness toolkit to promote that all calls are accessible

  Gunela Astbrink:And I agree would be medium / long term but the devt of the guidelines could be short term

  Glenn McKnight:@Gunella  the  toolkit can provide  the simple steps for implementation for the registrars

  Gunela Astbrink:We are then talking about a broader toolkit

  Glenn McKnight:yes

  Glenn McKnight:Specific toolkit

  Gunela Astbrink:@Glenn. important points

  Judith Hellerstein:we can have several toolkits

  Glenn McKnight:yes, the  documents  can be tailored to the  constitutencies

  Judith Hellerstein:one can be one on how to do remote conferencing and use of the share screen, chat, and also participating with questions

  Glenn McKnight:The  simple  video step by step  instruction is  better than  a long  drawn out  document

  Judith Hellerstein:Yes but a video is not good for blind or low vision

  Anthony Niiganii (MBE):+1 Glenn...I agree, even short podcasts or audio

  Glenn McKnight:Your  right

  Judith Hellerstein:so we may need both

  Ken Hansen (Help Them Hear):Important to make short term incremental improvements rather than wait to have something complete

  Glenn McKnight:yep

  Glenn McKnight:It's  a progression

  Glenn McKnight:I hope to  be  back at the  NTEN event in March  and I am  outreaching to the technology community  in the Non Profit  sector

  Gunela Astbrink:Yes

  Anthony Niiganii (MBE):Who is attending the LA meeting?

  Gunela Astbrink:My other short term suggestion is for accessibility meeting guidelines

  Glenn McKnight:I fear that  alot of   government  compliance  on disability is  watered down to bare minimum  and  not  progressive.   We need to  be  the shiny example

  Judith Hellerstein:+1 Gunella yes guideline would be great

  Judith Hellerstein:+1 glenn

  Glenn McKnight:Guidelines  with teeth

  Judith Hellerstein:yes they need teeth

  Glenn McKnight:Look at the equity hiring   or  equity contracting  legislation 

  Klaus Stoll:Sorry, I need to move to another meeting. Thanks for a good meeting.

  Ken Hansen (Help Them Hear):Will be there

  Laura Bengford:I'm in LA so I'll be there!

  Ken Hansen (Help Them Hear):Thank you all

  Gunela Astbrink:I won't be there

  silvia.vivanco@icann.org:Staff will schedule your meeting

  Judith Hellerstein:yes

  Anthony Niiganii (MBE):that works!

  silvia.vivanco@icann.org:we are scheduling at the  moment

  Heidi Ullrich:Tues or Wed is best atm

  Judith Hellerstein:i will not be in LA

  Anthony Niiganii (MBE):doodle for two weeks

  Heidi Ullrich:Remote participation will be available

  Ken Hansen (Help Them Hear):2 weeks

  Gunela Astbrink:2

  Glenn McKnight:i  will be in LA

  Judith Hellerstein:2 is fine

  Glenn McKnight:2

  Anthony Niiganii (MBE):Kinanaskomitin Everyone!! Honk, Honk, Honk!

  silvia.vivanco@icann.org:Thank you all bye byhe

  Gunela Astbrink:Thanks, Cheryl. Bye everyone

  Judith Hellerstein:bye

  Olivier Crepin-Leblond:Thanks everybody

  Glenn McKnight:bye

  Heidi Ullrich:Bye!

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr:on another call now can someone read to the record the high points from chat for me please

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