SAC119 was published on 5 August 2021. All SSAC publications can be found at

Recommendation DescriptionCurrent Phase
Recommendation 1

The SSAC appreciates the opportunity to provide early input into the GNSO Transfer Policy Review Policy Development Process (PDP) Working Group (WG). The SSAC believes that it is important for registrants to experience a secure, stable, and smooth transition when transferring registrations between registrars.

There are two specific security risks the SSAC would like to highlight.

  • A registrant’s domain name is at risk of experiencing a discontinuity of DNS resolution, and when DNSSEC is in use, a discontinuity of validation, during a registration transfer if the transfer of DNS services is not considered during the process.
  • A registrant’s domain name is at increased risk of being hijacked if the authInfo code is not managed according to best practice security principles.