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Recommendation 1

The ICANN community should adopt the terminology outlined in this report in documents and discussions, in particular:
  • Domain Name Registration Data (DNRD). The data that domain name registrants provide when registering a domain name and that registrars or registries collects.
  • Domain Name Registration Data Access Protocol (DNRD-AP). The components of a (standard) communications exchange - queries and responses - that specify the access to DNRD.
  • Domain Name Registration Data Directory Service (DNRD-DS). The service(s) offered by domain name registries and registrars to implement the DNRD-AP and to provide access to DNRD-DSD.

Additional terminology includes "DNRDe," "DNRD Policy," "DNRD-DS Policy," "Internationalized DNRD," and "Localized DNRD." The term "WHOIS" should only be used when referring to the protocol as currently specified in RFC 3912.


Recommendation 2The ICANN community should evaluate and adopt a replacement domain name registration data access protocol that supports the query and display of Internationalized DNRD as well as addressing the relevant recommendations in SAC003, SAC027 and SAC033.


Recommendation 3The ICANN community should develop a uniform and standard framework for accessing DNRD that would provide mechanisms to define and implement a range of verification methods, credential services, and access control capabilities.


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