The 2nd At-Large Summit (ATLAS II): Global Internet: The User Perspective (R-17)

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The 2nd At-Large Summit (ATLAS II) (R-17)




ICANN needs to be sensitive to the fact that social media are blocked in certain countries and, in conjunction with technical bodies, promote credible alternatives.


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ClosedPhase ChangeThis Advice Item is now Closed


Phase 5Board UpdateA letter ( was sent to Chair of the ALAC regarding Advice Item's progress and completion.


Phase 5Board UpdateThe Board in its 9 September 2014 resolution acknowledged the Final ATLAS II Declaration: ICANN's social media universe has expanded to include accounts in multiple languages and region-specific social platforms. ICANN has also revamped monthly and regional newsletters to share content in Arabic, English, French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish. Primary platform for content sharing remains, with parts of the site available in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish. See ALAC Workspace:


Phase 1Phase UpdateALAC published AL-ATLAS-02-DCL-01-01-EN: The 2nd At-Large Summit (ATLAS II): Global Internet: The User Perspective: