SSAC Report on DNS Zone Risk Assessment and Management (R1)

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SSAC Report on DNS Zone Risk Assessment and Management (R1)SAC049



The SSAC recommends that registrants consider implementing [NINE] safeguards and proactive measures to manage the risk associated with loss, disruption, or inconsistent availability of name service:

(1) Thoroughly document all aspects of your DNS architecture and operations;

(2) Design for resiliency;

(3) Actively manage DNS information;

(4) Protect domain registration and hosting accounts against unauthorized access or misuse;

(5) Monitor the health and well being of your name service;

(6) Track operational statistics and trends;

(7) Develop a continuity plan for recovering from DNS;

(8) Before making changes in provisioning, plan carefully; and,

(9) Make informed choices when selecting DNS providers.


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Phase 5Board Update

This item has been processed as much as is relevant and is considered complete; no work is outstanding from the perspective of Board Advice (note that related implementation work may have been integrated into ICANN’s ongoing operations or other initiatives).

Status provided in 19 October 2016 letter from ICANN Board Chair to SSAC Chair ( This specific advice item contains no action for ICANN.


Phase 1Phase UpdateSSAC published SAC049: SSAC Report on DNS Zone Risk Assessment and Management: