The 2nd At-Large Summit (ATLAS II): Future of Multi-Stakeholder Models (R-1)

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The 2nd At-Large Summit (ATLAS II) (R-1)




ICANN should continue to support outreach programmes that engage a broader audience, in order to reinforce participation from all stakeholders.


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ClosedPhase ChangeThis Advice Item is now Closed


Phase 5Board UpdateA letter ( was sent to Chair of the ALAC regarding Advice Item's progress and completion.


Phase 5Board UpdateThe Board in its 9 September 2014 resolution acknowledged the Final ATLAS II Declaration: Work has been completed on this specific advice item, including: meeting staff offered ALAC a shuttle for future meetings, outreach has been conducted at universities, and some funding was provided for students to attend ICANN55. The Meetings team and Global Stakeholder Engagement have also contributed funding to broader groups. See below: Outreach+Event+Workspace h+AFRALO+NGO+Program.


Phase 1Phase UpdateALAC published AL-ATLAS-02-DCL-01-01-EN: The 2nd At-Large Summit (ATLAS II): Future of Multi-Stakeholder Models: