This is a page to post links to work-plans and status-updates (larger documents used to describe work to be done and accomplished)

Toronto meeting update deck

Toronto meeting "one pager"

DSSA - Update - Toronto - 1-pager.pdf (<-- Use this one, unless information needs to be changed)

DSSA - Update - Toronto - 1-pager.ppt

"Refine and Consolidate" phase plans


Previous Plans and Updates

DSSA Update - SSR-RT - Dakar - v1.0.pdf (this version was used in a joint meeting between the DSSA-WG and the SSR-RT)

DSSA Update - Dakar - v1.6.pdf (this version was used to update our chartering AC/SO organizations)

DSSA Working Group Update ICANN Singapore – June 2011

Draft DSSA Launch and Workplan -- April 2011


NOTE: Status reports (one-page snapshots of weekly activity) are posted on the Status Reports page

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