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    1. Please see staff responses posted as notes the the draft charter document. 

  1. I share the two proposals Vanda in that the independent expert must have a knowledge of the experiences in different countries and not just a theoretical knowledge. Without knowing the internal context and the idiosyncrasies of the people in each country it will be very difficult to have a clear idea of the real meaning of certain facts, actions and even words, since the same language is sometimes expressions or words that can not be understood in context.
    I also share his comments about the experience in ICANN, which is a pretty complex Agency and requires time and dedication needed to know.

    In addition to the criteria mentioned in the meeting on 23 November, I also express concerns about the requirements for voters, who will be designating the Independent Examiner and how voting to designate. And if this process should be documented. Is an essential question.The fact that experts meet the conditions for his position will depend on what is established as necessary requirements for appointment and the appointment criteria and methods that people have that designate his position will depend on what is established as necessary requirements for appointment and the appointment criteria and methods that people have that designate. I think this process should be regulated by a previously documented procedure.


    1. Please refer to the presentation on the ICANN Procurement process, which includes the Request for Proposal component - pages 8-12 of the presentation at ICANN54 in Dublin.

  2. First, thanks Vanda and Aida for your thoughts on criteria.

    On experience with ICANN, this was discussed at the Working Party meeting on 23 Nov and the concern expressed was that there are very few organisations that undertake such reviews that would have detailed knowledge of ICANN.  (really there is just one, and and if we want to ensure choice of Independent Examiner, we must broaden the criteria to read something like experience of reviewing a large, multi-stakeholder organisation. 

    We also need to add Vanda/Aida's stress on experience with international or globally based organisations - not just reviewing them, but having experience of working in different cultural settings. 

    Other issues raised in the meeting for criteria were an understanding of non-profits/NGOs, and a recognition that the IE will be working with volunteers, from volunteer based organisations.

    1. Thank you Vanda, Aida and Holly.  Staff is incorporating your suggestions into the draft RFP and you will have an opportunity to provide further feedback on the RFP Draft prior to its publication.

  3. I was wondering if it will be in scope if the  new evaluator will stop back and look at the previous  recommendations done by Westlake moving forward.
    Also i  would suggest after reading the previous recommendations  that they are mapped to existing strategic plans with realistic and achievable results.  We have seen as with the list of  Atlas ll recommendations that the devil in the implementation  details.  

    Also I caution on the use of survey questions that fail to gather quality information that is formative in doing continuous improvement.

  4. ☺to the Charter Development Team. Well outlined scope and timelines.
  5. One of selection criteria we should take into account for IE, is a team with multiple languages knowledge. though the work will be conduct in english be abale to talk with different ALSs around the word will be quite relevant to get the feeling of the issues from that region.

    in this area, and I believe in Africa - Asia,  South pacific  countries  this will be quite relevant.

    I believe we could expect a team that can easily communicate in English, French, Spanish and Chinese


  6. following Glenn thoughts above,  we could use some time to make first analysis comparing former proposal to Atlas II proposals  analyzing what we haven't made progress that need a more deep work and good proposals. of course the deep analysis is for the IE company to provide, but make this previous analysis will certainly help us to understand better our own scenario while helping the IE to focus on the main issues.

     my 2 cents

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