Meeting details:

Meeting duration: 50min

Meeting venue: ICANN51 in LA

Chair: Fatimata



Mercy, Beran, fatimata, barrack, Seun, Micheal, Aziz

Apologies: Tijani, Mwendwa


Problem statement:

There are couple of open ICANN leadership positions and some needs to be filled by the Africans. Based on the time-line for this task-force, the final strategy document needs to be ready for presentation to AFRALO leadership by end of this month.


Areas to capture in the strategy recommendation document include:

- How to make awareness through the Africa region ALSes

- Possibility of the making outreaches through targeted communication avenues like the mailing list, physical presence in regional meetings

- How to directly search and hand-pick/identify naturally motivated individuals

- Ways to motivate individuals which could include using existing/previous Africa leaders in ICANN to motivate others.

- Ways to use the business opportunities in ICANN(domain name business) to attract people's interest and bring value to the open positions



Action items:

- Fatimata to share the NOMCOM presentation document for ICANN leadership positions

- Staff to share a doodle to determine the next 2 meeting times for the month

- Drafting committee includes Barrack, Tijani and Mercy (Barrack chairing the committee)

- Aziz to do the translation of the draft document

- Drafting team set-up draft document on G-docs - first draft to be available by 17th of this month



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