ISOC Liberia Chapter

We are a group of Internet enthusiasts, including Internet users, professionals, actors and stakeholders, who are concerned about the Development of Internet in Liberia. Internet Society Liberia Chapter was conceived as a Chapter by a group of Liberians Internet enthusiasts, who are convinced that the Internet is a valuable development tool for Liberia and there is an urgent need to promote its use in all areas of life (social, educational, economic and cultural) in Liberia, to keep pace with the global community.

IISOC-Liberia provides technically knowledgeable advice on Internet development and public policy. It offers an environment in which members may seek information, discuss issues, and provide input into official policy submissions that the Society takes to industry and government on the members' behalf.

To provide a platform where members can exchange ideas through informal and inclusive discussion and on public policy issues and Internet standards among stakeholders.

ISOC-Liberia Events
We believe that the social side of networking is just as important as the professional and infrastructure side. We organize a number of events throughout the year to educate, communicate, and simply bring people together who have a common focus on Internet development - such as get-together to discuss ISOC-Liberia issues, presentations from Internet experts, conferences for in-depth study of a developing interest, or just enjoying a meal together after a formal meeting. Here are some events we have been involved with over the years.

  • Hosting of AFNOG Training
  • Hosting of AFRINIC Meeting/Training
  • Initiating formation of the National ICT Alliance
  • Internet Assistance Program
  • The Community Networking Conference 2010

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