Michel Tchonang

20-23 Juillet 2010
Yaoundé, Cameroun


CAPDA is a non-governmental organization (NGO) collaborating on a consultative basis with ECOSOC/UN, which, besides its role promoting local development, has specialized in the seamless integration of cutting-edge information and communications technologies (ICT) within the Cameroon society and that of the Central Africa sub-region. It effectively covers the countries of Cameroon, Chad and Togo. We selected the following centers of activity to start: information systems development, hosting / search engine optimization, substantial databases, etc. To foster the achievement of our objectives in this field, we have:

- Established and coordinated awareness and information
operations at the national level,
- Organized, on a regular basis, internships for all levels, from
simple user to Web network manager,
- Organized, on a regular basis for over five years, the forum on ICT
- Promoted and aided in the set-up of sites for the dissemination of
information within small organizations,
- Established high-value relations with telecommunications
operators to facilitate access to communications resources.

In short, we intend to create a resource, global incubator and education
center on ICT trades in the near future.


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