• ICANN Los Angeles - 30th International Meeting and Annual General Meeting 2007

ICANN will held it's 30th International Meeting "Annual General Meeting" in Los Angeles from 27th Oct to 2nd Nov 2007.

  • Nomcom selection for ALAC 2007 - African Representative

Nomcom announcd on 25th Sept 2007 it's selection for ALAC African seat form 2007.
Fatimata Seye Sylla (Senegal, Africa)
Term: Conclusion of the ICANN Annual General Meeting for 2007 until conclusion of the ICANN Annual General Meeting for 2009

  • African ALSes Sign MoU with ICANN, Creating AfRALO

The MoU was signed at the Public Forum of the Lisbon ICANN Meeting on 29th Marc 2007. A link to the webcast of the ceremony will be shortly available here as a permanent record and photos will be available soon too.

"AfRLO MOU Signign with ICANN on YouTube"<>


  • At-Large Africa Goes to Lisbon

The At-Large African ALS community met in Lisbon, Portugal from 24 - 30 March 2007, as part of the "ICANN 28th International Meeting"<>.
Complete information, agendas, and preparatory documents for the meeting can be found at the ICANN Lisbon Meetings page.

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