Monday 24 June 2019Leads
08:00-08:30Welcome CoffeeCommunity


Room: Diamant TBC

Meeting with Göran Marby, ICANN President and CEO and Cherine Chalaby, Chairman of the ICANN BoardAziz Hilali


Room: Diamant, Palmeraie Resort

Briefing on the Activities during the ICANN Meeting and the Local Community Engagement session on Tuesday afternoon at the University - Breakout into small groups & designation of mentorsAFRALO Leadership 
10:15-10:30Coffee Break


Room: Toubkal, Conference Center

Joint NCUC-At-Large Outreach: Policy at ICANN demystified

Agenda will be posted shortly

Olivier Crépin- Leblond
12:00-13:30Lunch Break
13:30-18:00Students attending designated sessions in their groupsMentors


Diafa Hall, Conference Center

ICANN65 Multistakeholder Ethos AwardCommunity 


Diafa Hall 

Joint AFRALO and Community Networking Event

Entertainment provided by AFRALO

Tuesday 25 June 2019


Room: Diamant

Briefing on Fellows and NextGen Programs:

  1. Presentation of ICANN Fellowship Program by Siranush Vardanyan, Fellows Program Manager
  2. Presentation of NextGen Program by Meghan Healy, supporting the Next General Program Manager
Aziz Hilali
10:15-10:30Coffee Break


Room Toubkal, Conference Center

Joint AFRALO AfrICANN Meeting - Theme Evolving the ICANN Multistakeholder Model


  1. Welcome address - Mohamed El-Bashir, AFRALO Chair (10:30-10:35)
  2. Opening remarks - Maureen Hilyard, ALAC Chair (10:35-10:40)
  3. Guest Speakers:
    1. Cherine Chalaby, Chair of ICANN Board of Directors (10:40-10:45) 
    2. Göran Marby, ICANN President and CEO (10:45-10:50)
    3. León Sanchez, Board Member - At-Large (10:50-10:55)
    4. Laurent Feralli, Director, Government & IGO Engagement (10:55-11:00)
    5. Pierre Dandjinou, ICANN Vice President for Africa (11:00-11:05)
  4. Introduction of the theme topic - Tijani Ben Jemaa, AFRALO ALAC Member (11:05-11:10)
  5. Presentation of the statement – Abdulkarim Oloyede/Sarah Kiden (11:10-11:17)
  6. Discussion, modification if any and adoption of the statement (11:17-11:57)
  7. Closing address – Mohamed El-Bashir, AFRALO Chair (11:57-12:00)

Mohamed El Bashir
12:00-13:30Lunch Break
13:30 - 17:00

Afternoon at the University: Faculté des Sciences Semlalia

  • Students depart for return to Rabat - Tuesday (17:00-18:30)

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