AFRALO held their hybrid General Assembly (GA) on 24-25 July 2023 on the sidelines of the ICANN-hosted African Engagement Forum (AEF) scheduled for 25-27 July 2023 in Accra, Ghana.

The AFRALO GA brought together the representatives of the African At-Large Structures (ALSes) and one representative of the AFRALO individual members to develop strategic plans related to policy advice development, outreach and engagement and operational issues.

The aim of the AEF was to bring the African community together and support their work within ICANN. The meeting was over held two days and will include a high-level panel and sessions covering updates from ICANN org and the community. The sessions will enable discussions on a broad range of Internet-related topics and inform the regional audience on the latest issues of concern to industry stakeholders.

The AFRALO GA meetings was held over 1 ½ days followed immediately by a ½ day participation in the AEF.


Location: Accra, Ghana

Dates: 24-25 July 2023 (arrival on 23 July with a Welcome Reception in the evening.  Departure on 26 July 2023)

Time: Welcome Reception on Sunday evening, 23 July , 1 ½ days for the General Assembly, 24-25 July ; ½ day participation in the 2023 African Engagement Forum, 25 July. Those departing late on 26 July may participate in the second day of the African Engagement Forum.

Venue: Marriott Hotel Accra

Bukola Oronti (Social media Chair)
Seun Ojedeji (AFRALO's Chair)
Aziz Hilali (AFRALO Vice Chair)
Abdeljalil Bachar Bong (AFRALO Secretariat) 
Raymond Mamattah (ALAC member)
Bram Fudzulani (Outreach and Engagement chair) 
Remmy Nweke (AFRALO Newsletter team representative)

AFRALO General Assembly Outcomes REPORTENGLISH: .



Agenda - AFRALO General Assembly-Accra 24-25 July 2023


2023 AFRALO GA Rapporteur Workspace

AFRALO 2023 General Assembly Photos

AFRALO General Assembly (hybrid) 2023 Attendance

AFRALO General Assembly Organizing Committee Calls 

AFRALO General Assembly Program Sub-Committee

The Program Sub-Committee is working on the draft agenda. 

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