• 1. The AFRALO/AFRICANN Declaration shall be sent by AFRALO'sChair Aziz Hilali  to ICANN's Board and to IGC.
  • 2.  Gisella Gruber to set up a Webinar on the Transition of US Government Stewardship of the IANA Function (step by step presentation explaining the consequences on the DN management, focus should be communication Collaboration and Coordination). Gisella Gruber to send a doodle for  call  late during the week  of Nov 14 or early in week of 17th.
  • 3 Nathalie Peregrine to ask again the ALSe  Cameroon League for Development so that they answer question by AFRALO.
  • 4 Nathalie Peregrine to send the POSITIVE Regional Advice to ALAC regarding the following:

    Digital Sense Africa Media, Nigeria- Regional Advice - Positive
     ISOC South Africa Gauteng Chapter, South Africa- Positive

  •  5. Nathalie Peregrine to wait for the ISOC Rwanda to send their Constitution documents . As soon as this is received AFRALO will issue a positive Regional Advice.
  • 6. All AFRALO members are requested to send their activities and post them in the wiki page  AFRALO At - Large Structures (ALS): Activities Workspace / Espace de travail des Activités.
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