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  1. Silvia, Fatimata, Perhaps we can set up a Skype chat or whatever is convenient for you to get things started as time is not on our side. Do let me know. My Skype id is beran.gillen

  2. Hello All,


    1. I support Victor's proposal for the website address : http://www.afralo.africa
    2. Regarding the Slogan, I am waiting for more suggestions from the other members.
    3. In the meantime, what do you think about Victor's  2nd suggestion     “AFRALO: …Engaging Africa”; ? or  my suggestion as    “AFRALO: …Advancing Africa”;?

    What is yours?

    Thank you and best,



    1. I love your suggestion ENGAGING AFRICA 4 D. ++++++1

    2. What about the design of the banner? Vibrant colours would truly depict AFRICA