SECTION B. Professional and Educational Background

1. Provide details of your current job, role, title, employer and affiliations

Voter: david allnutt 
Senior Advisor, TMNG Global Inc. 
Chairman, Omniscient Solutions

2. Describe your educational and professional history. Provide all information that you believe may be relevant to being an effective member of the ICANN Board

Voter: david allnutt 
David Allnutt is a Senior Advisor to TMNG Global, a publicly-traded technology services company, and is active in various global fora on Internet governance. He is also Chairman of Boston-based Omniscient Solutions, where he is currently guiding the company in perfecting technology for the enterprise and consumer markets providing ubiquitous real-time access to global education, training and development, to form and inform the new omniscient knowledge worker. 

Previously, he served on the Management Committee of Axia Limited, where as Principal, he was chief growth officer. Earlier, he served as Chief Operating Officer of CSMG Adventis, headquartered in Boston. He led the company's global business operations in Boston, London, Berlin and Shanghai. 

What consultancy McKinsey labels a “tri-sector athlete", David is serial business and social entrepreneur, a consummate strategic thinker and public policy expert. He is an acknowledged subject matter expert in business, government, technology, professional services, media, K-12 & higher education, and philanthropy. Over the past three decades, he has counseled over 1,500 businesses, governments, foundations, NGOs, philanthropists, universities and school districts globally, and their C-suite leadership, in more than 50 countries, on a wide range of strategic and operational leadership, management and resource issues. 

David’s career spans business, government and politics, education media, both print and broadcast, and philanthropy. 

From 1995 to 2005, he was Executive Vice-President of Adventis Corp. (and it predecessor companies), a leading Boston-headquartered global boutique management consultancy serving global information industry companies and organizations, which was named as one of Consulting Magazine’s "Jewels" in 2005, for client impact, firm culture, and innovation within consulting. 

He has lead his own consulting business in business strategy and public & government affairs, and later, as founding CEO, he successfully brought an enterprise software company (nStein Technologies) in data mining and data analytics to the public marketplace via an IPO in June 2000. Because he ensured the firm’s stellar success through a radical and visionary transformation of its business model, David was named a leading Internet star by Commerce magazine in 2000. nStein was subsequently successfully sold to Canada’a leading software company, OpenText. 

For over 10 years, Mr Allnutt taught politics & public policy, public affairs & government relations/lobbying, business strategy, corporate 
finance, journalism, economics and organizational behavior to undergraduate, graduate and mid-career students at McGill and Concordia universities in Canada. At the latter, he served as a senior administrator for seven years, during which time he co-founded The Corporate-Higher Education Forum, for which he received international recognition. The Forum was a coalition of 75 corporate CEO's and university presidents with an action-oriented agenda for issues of mutual interest and concern. The Forum, architected to harness the intellectual prowess of Canada's universities and the robust entrepreneurial forces of the country's business community, subsequently inspired the creation of similar models of "business-academic" cooperation and dialogue in Europe, Japan, Mexico and Australia. 

Earlier David was an editor/journalist for The Montreal Star and a producer 
for the national radio network of the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. He has 
also worked in government as a political advisor and Chief of Staff for 
three Quebec Cabinet ministers and the Prime Minster of Quebec, the late 
Robert Bourassa. In July 1989, the leading Canadian daily, Le Devoir, revealed the Prime Minister had asked David to run in the 1989 Québec general election as a “favorite son” and “definite Cabinet material”. 

He has been an elected school board trustee in Montreal, and 
has written and been quoted regularly on business, technology, and public policy issues for a number of global newspapers and magazines. He has been active for years in the Greater Boston community, notably for his work with Boston Leaders in Education, a local coalition of business leaders helping the Boston Public Schools District in educational planning, financing and reform. He has been an active Partner in Social Venture Partners (SVP) - Boston, a community of local philanthropists who place their resources, talent and networks at the disposal of annual social venture investments. David is also currently bringing the SVP model of engaged philanthropy to his native city of Montreal, in Canada, where he serves as Founder & Chairman of SVP - Montreal. 

Mr. Allnutt sits/has sat on a number of public and private sector boards and 
advisory committees. He was a Nominee for the global Board of Directors of ICANN, the Internet governance body, in the summer of 2013. And, in 2010 and again in 2011, he was selected for two years running as the first Canadian and Quebecer to be Advanced Leadership Fellow at Harvard University (he declined the invitations for professional reasons). He is involved in various global multi-stakeholder fora on current and emerging issues in Internet governance. 

He holds a Master of Public Administration degree from Ecole nationale 
d'administration publique, the graduate school of government at the 
Université du Québec. He did his undergraduate work at Loyola College in Montreal (now part of Concordia University).

3. Describe any current and past volunteer community positions, roles and accomplishments. We are particularly interested in similar Board directorship and committee experience

Voter: david allnutt 
(Please see above)

4. List any relevant personal or professional web pages

Voter: david allnutt


SECTION C. Internet Involvement and Interest in ICANN

1. Describe how you meet the criteria for the At-Large selected ICANN Board Director position

Voter: david allnutt 
I've successfully served as COO and EVP and chief growth officer, 
consecutively, of several global strategic management consulting 
Earlier, as founding CEO, I successfully brought an enterprise 
software and services firm to the public marketplace through an IPO. 

Earlier, I founded the Corporate-Higher Education Forum, a 
coalition of blue-chip business/industry Chief Executives, and 
their university counterparts (Presidents), which garnered 
multiple international awards and recognition as a unique, 
innovative, and world-class R&D initiative. 
I subsequently successfully replicated this model of collaboration 
in other geographies around the globe. 

I enjoy a successful roster of leadership roles in business and 
industry, professional services and consulting, higher education, 
technology and media, and government, both domestically and 

2. Describe current and past involvement in, contributions to, and leadership roles in activities and organizations involved in the development and operation of the Internet, its naming and addressing infrastructure and/or its security and stability

Voter: david allnutt 
Most Internet-related involvement has been as CEO of public 
data-mining firm; and, for over 20 years, consultant/advisor to 
CxO suites of global tech & other companies that use the Internet, 
and provide Internet-related products/services.

3. Provide a statement about what you would contribute in the At-Large selected ICANN Board Director position to ICANN and its mission

Voter: david allnutt 
In-depth knowledge of, experience in, and appreciation for public 
& private sector business/organizational models & cultures. and 
their need for, and use of, technology to inform and drive 
decision-making; bring values of integrity, transparency, 
equity/equality, creativity, public service, collaboration; vast 
network of CxO contacts & relationships in virtually every geography.

4. Provide a statement about what you would contribute in the At-Large selected ICANN Board Director position to the At-Large Community

Voter: david allnutt 
A thorough understanding and appreciation of the Internet user community, with multiple relationships in this heterogeneous community in most geographies around the world.

5. Please describe specifically how and why you will be able to advance, at the ICANN Board, the interests of the At-Large Community and the broader global community of Internet end-users

Voter: david allnutt 
Solid credentials in listening, cajoling, lobbying, understanding, diplomacy and working as a team member.

6. Is there any additional information you would like to submit that would be helpful to the BCEC in making its decision? If so, please summarize it here

Voter: david allnutt 
ICANN has traditionally been focused on the technology aspects of 
the Internet and the technicality and complexity of many of the 
Internet governance issues has tended to attract people from 
sectors who live and breathe these daily. I think I will help 
bring to ICANN a "real-world" 
perspective that is absolutely necessary for real, effective 
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