I. Final Surveys 

Registry Operator: Companies that operate non-brand new gTLDshttp://icannregistryoperators.cloudssi.com/login.html
Registrar: Companies that sell new gTLDshttp://icannregistrar.cloudssi.com/login.html
Trademark Owner/Representative: Individuals and companies that own trademarks OR represent trademark owners (e.g., law firm)http://icanntrademarkholders.cloudssi.com/login.html
Actual/Potential Registrant: Individuals and companies that have registered a domain name in new gTLDs, attempted to register a domain name in new gTLDs, OR considered registering a domain name in new gTLDshttps://online.ssisurveys.com/wix/p3964574.aspx?hSamp=1

II. Inception Report -  

It includes the project management plan, survey methodologies, survey targets, outreach plan, and final survey questions post beta testing.

III. Survey Distribution Plans

1. Registry Survey

2. Registrar Survey

3. TM & Brand Owner Survey

4. Actual/Potential Registrant Survey

 5. Other Channels (ICANN Staff to coordinate, if appropriate)

IV. Final Report

V. Data Files - Open Text Responses to Survey Questions

Please reference tab 2 for the open text responses. Question numbers are indicated in row 1. 

Registrar Survey Raw DataRegistry Operators Survey Raw DataRegistrant/Potential Registrant Survey DataTrademark/Brand Owners Survey Data
Registrars Survey Data.xlsxRegistry Operators Survey Data.xlsxRegistrants Survey Data.xlsxTrademark and Brand Owners Survey Data.xlsx

VI. Background Document

Request for Proposal: Rights Protection Mechanisms Survey