Draft ALAC Statement: (prepared by C. Langdon-Orr with assistance by staff).

We, the At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC), very much appreciate the work of the Accountability and Transparency Review Team (ATRT) in preparing their Final Recommendations. The thoroughness in their approach to the review is evident in the Final Recommendations.

However, we would like to request feedback on how the following sections of the Affirmation of Commitments (Affirmation) paragraph 9.1 will be addressed in the context of the ATRT’s Final Recommendations. In addition, the ALAC also seeks assurance from the ICANN Board that the matters raised in the following sections will be a priority of the following Accountability and Transparency Review Team's activities:

This Statement was reviewed by the At-Large Improvements Work Team A on 27 January 2011. They approved the above text.