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Project Status

Report of Public Comments has now been published for the

Proposed Implementation of GNSO Consensus Policy Recommendations for the Protection of IGO&INGO Identifiers in All gTLDs

The implementation team is revising the plan per the comments and requests received for publication in early 2018.


The IGO and INGO Identifiers Protection Policy Implementation Review Team (IRT) was formed in response to recommendations by the GNSO (23 Jan. 2014), as adopted by the ICANN Board (30 April 2014).

Because the Board adopted the GNSO recommendations that were "not inconsistent" with GAC Advice, while other GNSO recommendation that are inconsistent with GAC Advice are still being reconciled, we have created a consolidated picture of the current state of policy recommendation.    Project Scope for Implementation page displays only those recommendation that are approved for the current project for clarity.

In line with the Consenus Policy Implementation Framework developed by ICANN's Global Domains Division in collaboration with the Policy & Implementation Working Group, this Implementation Review Team will serve as a resource to implementation staff on policy and technical questions that arise. The IRT is also expected to serve as a resource to staff on the background and rationale of the policy recommendations and return to the GNSO Council for additional guidance as required. Where relevant, the IRT can also assist staff in the planning for the technical implementation of a policy change.

If you are interested to participate, please send an email to the Michelle Desmyter or Dennis Chang 

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