Note: This document provides a summary of registrar requirements related to the Transfer Policy as stated in the link below. The summarization of terms within this document do not override or replace the terms set forth within the stated policy. Please refer to the full text of the policy to review and understand the requirements for registrars.

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This section covers the following:

Change of Registrant (Section II)



    1. Prior Registrant Name; OR
    2. Prior Registrant Organization; OR
    3. Prior Registrant email address; OR
    4. Administrative Contact email address, if there is no Prior Registrant email address.
    1. A change to the Registered Name Holder’s name or organization that does not appear to be merely a typographical correction;
    2. Any change to the Registered Name Holder’s name or organization that is accompanied by a change of address or phone number;
    3. Any change to the Registered Name Holder’s email address.


Availability of Change of Registrant:

- In general, registrants must be permitted to update their registration/Whois data and transfer to other registrants freely.

- Registrar must deny request for change of registrant if:

    1. Registration agreement has expired, and registrant no longer has the right to renew or transfer the domain name to another registrar, per  Expired Registration Recovery Policy (ERRP)
    2. Change of Registrant was not properly authorized by the Prior Registrant and the New Registrant
    3. Domain name in dispute (e.g., URS, UDRP, TDRP, court order)


Change of Registrant Process

(1)  Confirm domain name is eligible for Change of Registrant

(2)  Confirm, via secure mechanism, that New Registrant (or Designated Agent) has explicitly consented to Change of Registrant

(3)  Inform the Prior Registrant (or Designated Agent) that if its final goal is to transfer the domain name to a different registrar, advised to request the inter-registrar transfer before the Change of Registrant to avoid triggering the 60-day lock described in II.C.1.2 (unless registrar gave Prior Registrant option to opt out, and Prior Registrant opted out of the 60-day lock)

(4)  Confirm, via secure mechanism, that Prior Registrant (or Designated Agent) has explicitly consented to Change of Registrant

(5)  Process Change of Registrant within one (1) day of obtaining the confirmations

(6)  Notify the Prior and New Registrant per II.C.1.1.6

(7)  Lock name (if applicable) per II.C.2


Change of Registrant process (section II.C.1.1) does not apply to following situation:

    1. Registration agreement expires
    2. Registration agreement is terminated by the registrar
    3. Registrar or registry updates the prior registrant’s information pursuant to a court order
    4. Update per UDRP decision implementation
    5. Update per Expired Domain Deletion Policy
    6. Updates in response to an abuse complaint


Registrar Notification to Registered Name Holder (Section II.C)


60-day Inter-Registrar Transfer Lock (II.C.2)


Inter-Registrar Transfer  (Section I.A.1-4) 


Transfer Authorities (Transfer Contact)

Both Administrative Contact and the Registered Name Holder (RNH) can approve or deny an inter registrar transfer request.  However, In the event of a dispute, the Registered Name Holder's authority supersedes that of the Administrative Contact.


As a Gaining Registrar

a. a period of sixty (60) days has passed since the FOA was issued by the Gaining Registrar, unless the Gaining Registrar allows automatic renewal of the FOA and the Registered Name Holder has expressly opted in to the automatic renewal;

b. the domain name expires before the inter-registrar transfer is completed;

c. a Change of Registrant is completed further to Section II.C.

d. the inter-registrar transfer is completed.


As a Losing Registrar

a. 3.7.1 Evidence of fraud.

b. 3.7.2 Reasonable dispute over the identity of the RNH or Administrative Contact.

c. 3.7.3 No payment for previous registration period (including credit card charge-backs) if the domain name is past its expiration date or for previous or current registration periods if the domain name has not yet expired. In all such cases, however, the domain name must be put into "Registrar Hold" status by the Registrar of Record prior to the denial of transfer.

d. 3.7.4 Express objection to the transfer by the authorized Transfer Contact.

e. 3.7.5 The transfer was requested within 60 days of the creation date as shown in the registry WHOIS record for the domain name.

f. 3.7.6 A domain name is within 60 days after being transferred into that Losing Registrar.

a. 3.8.1 A pending UDRP proceeding that the Registrar has been informed of.

b. 3.8.2 Court order by a court of competent jurisdiction.

c. 3.8.3 Pending dispute related to a previous transfer pursuant to the Transfer Dispute Resolution Policy.

d. 3.8.4 URS proceeding or URS suspension that the Registrar has been informed of.

e. 3.8.5 The Registrar imposed a 60-day inter-registrar transfer lock following a Change of Registrant, and the RNH did not opt out of the 60-day inter-registrar transfer lock prior to the Change of Registrant request.


Transfer Emergency Action Contact


Requirements for the "ClientTransferProhibited" Status and "AuthInfo" Codes (Section I.A.5)



ICANN Approved Transfer (Section I.B)


(i)    Acquisition of that Registrar or its assets by another Registrar, or

(ii)   Registrar’s RAA with ICANN or RRA with the Registry are terminated

a. Registry Operator will make the necessary one-time changes in the Registry database for no charge for transfers involving 50,000 name registrations or fewer.

b. If the transfer involves registrations of more than 50,000 names, Registry Operator will charge the gaining Registrar a one-time flat fee of US$ 50,000.