These topics were identified by AFRALO ALSes at the  ICANN 59 Johannesburg meeting at  the AFRALO GA Thursday wrap up session. Following the first WG meeting that was held on the 13th September discussion were started on the key topics of that were suggested during the AFRALO GA.

Objectives of the AFRALO Hot Topics Working Group

The main objectives of the Working Group :

See:  Recordings and transcripts of AFRALO GA session

New! AFRALO Hot Topics Report 2018

HOT TOPICS DRAFT - Presented at AFRALO's monthly call 07 February 2018. 


Hot topics definition: It was agreed that the topics should be related to ICANN's core function

1. Internet Shutdown and impact on DNS
2. Cyber security and Online safety in one topic 
3. Suggestion: How ICANN can contrubute to the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda? I know this is not a hot topic but it is of great importance to our region.
4. Remote Region Support 
5. Public and private IP addresses- to be removed 
6. Raising Awareness of the Internet policy issues - with focus on DNSSEC promotion in Africa's registries
7. Cybersecurity, Online Safety, Privacy and WHOIS
8. New gTLD and Geographic names 
9. ICANN's accountability and Jurisdiction

Prioritize topics for discussions from the above that has direct immediate impact on the African Region or may do so in the near future.


Mohamed El Bashir

Thanks Fatimata Seye Sylla and Dave Kissoondoyal, i have updated the list based on your feedback :

1. Internet Shutdown and impact on DNS

2. Cybersecurity, Online Safety, Privacy and WHOIS

3. Promoting DNSSEC Implementation in Africa's TLD registries

4.  New gTLDs and Geographic names

5. ICANN's Accountability and Transparency

6. Internet Governance activities and issues

7. General ICANN Issues Awearness and Outreach to Africa ( e.g Access of ICANN materials in African/Other languages other than English )

New sugguestions or items to be clarified items on the next call :