Extended cross-community sessions were held in Johannesburg to work through the positions presented in earlier webinars and to propose solutions seeking common ground on a way forward. Sessions were open to the entire community. Transcripts are available for the sessions:

Report from the Consensus Building Institute (CBI), independent session facilitator: ICANN post-Joburg Report v2017_8-15.pdf



  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. Background of Topic
  3. Summary of issues and Stakeholder perspectives
  4. Presentation of Strawperson (available below)
  5. Open Discussion of Strawperson
  6. Next Steps


15.15  Welcome, Agenda and Ground Rules

15.20  AGB Challenges on Geo Names

15.30  Participant Comments, Questions and Responses to AGB Challenges

16.30  Cross-Community Leadership of the Process

16.45  Break

17:00  Key Geo Names Issues to Address in the PDP

1. What makes a string a “geographic name”?

2. When can a geographic name:

3. If there are simultaneous applications for a geographic name, how should this be resolved?

4. How could “geographic use” be distinguished from “generic use”?

5. How can commitments to restrict a TLD to non-geographic use be monitored and enforced?

17.15  Options for Addressing the Issues

18:15  Next Steps

18.30  Session Ends

Co-Chairs Geographic Names Strawperson

The PDP WG co-chairs, Avri Doria and Jeff Neuman, prepared a strawperson to address the issue of terms which may have a geographical context at the Top Level for future TLD releases (Subsequent Procedures). This strawperson provided a sample of a compromise model, intended to fuel discussion during the sessions. That strawperson is available here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1m69loOZthxrQdcCj1dIUJLkezQXr9rwGxXrechdFv1Y/edit?usp=sharing (PDF  - as of 15 June 2017)

Proposals Matrix

The PDP WG co-chairs created matrix of all of the proposals received during the 25 April webinar, the GNSO recommendations from 2007, the implementation in the Applicant Guidebook, and their strawperson. The matrix assists with identifying points of divergence and convergence between the various proposals. The matrix is available here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1sKx_vyFhhscBUyaFMwqirj8r1D6g7IFtUSa9-lnk2ZI/edit?usp=sharing (PDF - as of 15 June 2017)