Members:  Cheryl Langdon-Orr, Donna Austin, Eduardo Diaz, Greg Shatan, Jaap Akkerhuis, Jonathan Robinson, Maarten Simon, Olivier Crepin-Leblond, Wanawit Ahkuputra   (9)

Participants:  Alan Greenberg, Chuck Gomes, Martin Boyle, Mary Uduma, Matthew Shears, Sabine Meyer, Sivasubramanian Muthusamy   (7)

Legal Counsel:  Rebecca Grapsas, Sharon Flanagan

Staff:  Brenda Brewer, Grace Abuhamad, Kurt Rossler, Marika Konings, Nathalie Vergnolle, Samantha Eisner, Trang Nguyen, Yuko Green, Xavier Calvez

Apologies:  Andrew Sullivan, Avri Doria, Seun Ojedeji, Paul Kane, Lise Fuhr, Phil Corwin


**Please let Brenda know if your name has been left off the list (attendees or apologies).**


1. Status Update 

2. Implementation Update 

3. Key Issues (with Sidley)

    • PTI Articles of Incorporation
    • PTI Governance Documents

               - Conflict of Interest Policy

               - Board Code of Conduct

               - Expected Standard of Behavior

    • PTI Bylaws (including Annex C)
    • Naming Functions Contract (na)
    • Intercompany Agreement (na)
    • RZERC Charter
    • IANA IPR

4. Client Committee

5. AOB


1. Status Update

  • Going into high-intensity period in order to assist with implementation-related items. 
  • Plan to reconverge the IOTF and CWG, and to only have CWG meetings (more frequent) moving forward. 
  • CWG's role is to oversee that implementation is consistent with the proposal. 

2. Implementation Update

  • Presented by Trang Nguyen
  • Parallel testing period is complete -- expect annoucement today. 

3. Key Issues

  • Pressented by Sharon Flanagan
  • RZERC Charter issues presented by Trang Nguyen
  • IANA IPR update presented by Greg Shatan -- six open items to review and then possibly to present to broader communities

Action (Chairs): CWG to submit Sidley's comments on the PTI Articles of Incorporation as part of the CWG's public comment submission. 

Action (Sharon): Sidley to prepare a table of current issues in bylaws for CWG to resolve and / or respond to Public Comment on bylaws

Action: Greg to share the draft language on purpose with the CWG

Action (Greg for Client Committee): Request that Sidley review the PTI governance documents. 

Action (ICANN): ICANN to provide redlines of the ICANN governance documents compared to the proposed PTI governance documents (since the PTI documents 
are based off of ICANN documents). 

Action (ICANN): Provide a table showing how comments on the RZERC charter are being addressed. To be discussed in more detail on next CWG call (19 July). 

Action (Grace): Schedule meeting between Sidley, Names IPR reps and IETF Trust reps as soon as possible

4. Client Committee

  • Upcoming work is focused on PTI governance documents and resolution of IANA IPR issue. 

Action (Brenda): Give ICANN implementation staff posting rights to the Client Com mailing list.  

5. AOB

Action Items

  • Action (Chairs): CWG to submit Sidley's comments on the PTI Articles of Incorporation as part of the CWG's public comment submission. 
  • Action (Sharon): Sidley to prepare a table of current issues in bylaws for CWG to resolve and / or respond to Public Comment on bylaws
  • Action: Greg to share the draft language on purpose with the CWG
  • Action (Greg for Client Committee): Request that Sidley review the PTI governance documents. 
  • Action (ICANN): ICANN to provide redlines of the ICANN governance documents compared to the proposed PTI governance documents (since the PTI documents are 
    • based off of ICANN documents). 
  • Action (ICANN): Provide a table showing how comments on the RZERC charter are being addressed. To be discussed in more detail on next CWG call (19 July). 
  • Action (Grace): Schedule meeting between Sidley, Names IPR reps and IETF Trust reps as soon as possible
  • Action (Brenda): Give ICANN implementation staff posting rights to the Client Com mailing list.  




Chat Transcript

Brenda Brewer: (7/14/2016 09:45) Good day all and welcome to the CWG IANA Meeting #82 on 14 July @ 15:00 UTC!

  Jonathan Robinson: (09:58) Hello All.

  Jonathan Robinson: (09:58) Hear you loud and clear Martin

  Greg Shatan: (09:59) Hello, everybody!

  martin boyle, Nominet: (09:59) thanks Jonathan

  Sabine Meyer (GAC - Germany): (09:59) Hello everyone

  Maarten Simon, ccNSO: (10:02) Hello everyone. I wil be travelling part of the meeting and may only be able to listen

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr  (CLO): (10:02) Hi all

  Chuck Gomes: (10:04) Hello

  Alan Greenberg: (10:04) I will have to leave for another meeting in 1 hour.

  Matthew Shears: (10:27) on art 3 I thought the purpose of  of the subsidiary was to perform the IANA functions pursuant to the inter-company contract established between ICANN and PTI

  Matthew Shears: (10:30) agreed Jonathan

  Alan Greenberg: (10:36) 4/5 implies 80% which is unanimity if there is a vacancy. Or it could be interpreted as all seated minmus 1.

  Alan Greenberg: (10:38) Then it should not say 4/5 but 80%

  Sharon Flanagan (Sidley): (10:39) I'm ok with 80%

  Samantha Eisner: (10:41) ICANN concurs with Sidley that we will need a small modification on that timing

  Xavier Calvez: (10:43) Seems that you can not hear.

  Donna Austin: (10:43) I can hear him.

  Maarten Simon, ccNSO: (10:43) yes

  Brenda Brewer: (10:43) Yes, we hear

  Xavier Calvez: (10:44) I will just type.

  Matthew Shears: (10:44) yes

  martin boyle, Nominet: (10:44) Yes

  Yuko Green: (10:44) I can hear you

  Jaap Akkerhuis (SSAC): (10:44) Ian hear him yelling

  Samantha Eisner: (10:44) me neither

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr  (CLO): (10:44) no audio for me on phone

  Greg Shatan: (10:44) I hear him giving all the money to the CWG.

  Olivier Crépin-Leblond: (10:44) he only appears on AC

  Olivier Crépin-Leblond: (10:45) it seems that the bridge has a problem, for some strange reason

  Olivier Crépin-Leblond: (10:45) everyone else can be heard on both phone & AC but not Xavier....

  Grace Abuhamad: (10:45) Xavier can you reload your AC?

  Xavier Calvez: (10:46) I concur with Chuck. We are working on the draft of the adjusted planning process to meet the spirit of the CWG proposal , and will provide an updated  planning timeline  to the DT-O  next week and finalize then.

  Matthew Shears: (10:51) thanks

  Chuck Gomes: (10:51) Thanks Xavier.  Note that DT-O has a meeting scheduled for 20 July to address the PTI budget process.

  Matthew Shears: (10:52) agree Greg - see my comment earlier in the chat

  SivasubramanianM: (10:52) It would be symbolic and send a postive signal  if PTI is moved outside outside California, perhaps to Switzerland or Singapore

  Matthew Shears: (10:53) its defined by the intercomany agreement i would have thought

  Sharon Flanagan (Sidley): (10:53) yes - will be in the table

  SivasubramanianM: (10:54) provided it does NOT make transition more complicated

  Matthew Shears: (10:59) support Greg

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr  (CLO): (10:59) getthe docs checked by Sidley  it should not be honerous or complex

  Matthew Shears: (10:59) yes

  Maarten Simon, ccNSO: (10:59) +1

  Alan Greenberg: (11:00) Have to leave now.

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr  (CLO): (11:01) bye ALAN

  Sharon Flanagan (Sidley): (11:01) Redlines against ICANN models would be much appreciated

  Greg Shatan: (11:02) Yes, that would help the review to be more efficient.

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr  (CLO): (11:06) Thx Sam

  Samantha Eisner: (11:06) We'll have the redlines provided to Sidley

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr  (CLO): (11:07) Great  Trang  today or tomorrow tracks well

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr  (CLO): (11:13) its good practice to have them in Charters  yes

  Grace Abuhamad: (11:16) One moment Greg. Someone's line dropped and will fix it shortly

  Grace Abuhamad: (11:17) we will *

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr  (CLO): (11:20) Thx Greg

  Grace Abuhamad: (11:23) I am ICANN Staff and I post on the Client Com list :)

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr  (CLO): (11:24) All good from me for posting rights

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr  (CLO): (11:25) nothing more to add

  Cheryl Langdon-Orr  (CLO): (11:27) Good call thx everyone,  talk next week then bye for now

  Chuck Gomes: (11:27) Thanks all.

  Mary Uduma: (11:27) Thank you all and bye

  Matthew Shears: (11:27) thanks

  Jaap Akkerhuis (SSAC): (11:27) Bye all

  Greg Shatan: (11:27) Bye all!

  martin boyle, Nominet: (11:27) thanks, bye

  Maarten Simon, ccNSO: (11:27) bye