Welcome to the Supporting Organization/Advisory Committee Engagement (SOAC/E) Home Page

The architecture for this area is based upon a Mind Map created by ICANN Staff for SOAC Engagement. The green section (left) represent the Services rendered to the ICANN Community (yellow) while the blue section (upper right) is reserved for Staff functions. 

We have plans to provide several alternative methods to make it easy to find information within this structure starting with these two: 

NavigationOn the left side of this page, the top navigation window indicates the space that is currently open along with its sub-pages. The second window shows all of the other spaces within SOAC/E.
SearchAt the top right of the Wiki page, there is a search bar into which you can enter terms. As you begin typing, the system will start finding relevant pages.

Because material has been relocated, the following shows where the most frequently accessed pages can now be found:

ContentSpacePage Location
SOAC Work Effort InventoryAdministration & Management SupportSO/AC Work Effort Inventory
SOAC Community Services
Inventory Matrix
Administration & Management SupportSOAC Community Services Inventory/Matrix
Community Member RecognitionAdministration & Management SupportCommunity Member Recognition
Organization Charts/ListsAdministration & Management SupportOrganization Charts/Lists
CEO-SOAC Leadership ConnectsoaceinputfeedbackCEO-SO/AC/SG Leadership Connect
ICANN Public CommentssoaceinputfeedbackICANN Public Comments
Policy Update WebinarssoacecontentdelivrtyPolicy Update Webinars

While this structure is under development, it is open to View by registered ICANN Community Wiki users. Until it is completed, only Staff personnel have permission to add content.

Feel free to browse and, if you have any comments or suggestions, please write to: mailto:policy-staff@icann.org


Sub-pages in this section: