ICANN Board took action on 26 June 2014 on the recommendations made by the ATRT2:


Resolved (2014.06.26.14), the Board accepts all ATRT2 Recommendations and directs the President and CEO, through his designee(s), to proceed with implementation. For Recommendation 6, focusing on enhancing the relationship between the GAC and the Board, the Board agrees that the BGRI-WG shall continue to assist with the implementation of several sub-recommendations pertaining to the GAC, and directs the President and CEO to provide required support to the GAC and the BGRI-WG to continue their assessment and implementation planning work.


Resolved (2014.06.26.15), the President and CEO is directed to regularly report to the community and the Board on the status of implementation of the ATRT2 recommendations, including key performance indicators and other relevant metrics.

Full text of the Board Resolution is available  at https://www.icann.org/resources/board-material/resolutions-2014-06-26-en#2.d.

The Accountability and Transparency Review Team 2 (ATRT2) sent its final report and recommendations to the ICANN Board of Directors on 31 December 2013. 

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Who is the Second Accountability & Transparency Review Team?

What is the Second Accountability & Transparency Review Team's Mandate?

How can I listen to their meetings & conference calls?

How may I share my feedback with the Second Accountability & Transparency Review Team?

NOW CLOSED - Public comments are requested to inform Board action (Comment close date: 21 February 2014 - Reply close date: 15 March 2014). Comments may be submitted via: comments-atrt2-recommendations-09jan14@icann.org

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