No.RecommendationRecipientThematic Group SourceAssigneesStatus
30For each Public Comment process, SOs and ACs should be adequately resourced to produce impact statements.ICANN SO & AC ChairsTG5
  • ALAC

Implementation Details

The At-Large Community has championed the ICANN staff-led efforts of improving the public understanding of and engagement in public comment proceedings.

The Document Production Pilot Program was approved in FY16 and extended to the first several months of FY17. In this Pilot Program, external contractors will collaborate with ICANN Staff and community members to produce policy premiers that provide background information of public comment proceedings and explain the impact of those issues to business, government, civil society groups, and end users. Regional At-Large Organizations will play an active role in participating in and shaping this Pilot Program.

Should this Program prove to be successful, the policy premier production services may be extended to benefit more SOs and ACs in the long run.

Next Step

Regional At-Large Organizations will closely collaborate with ICANN staff in the Policy Development Support department and the external contractors to fully explore the potential of the Document Production Pilot Program. 


(Post ATLAS II Implementation Taskforce meeting - ICANN54)