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12In collaboration with At-Large Structures, ICANN should put in place campaigns to raise awareness and extend education programmes across underrepresented regions.ICANN GSE StaffTG2
  • Capacity Building
  • Outreach & Engagement 
  • GSE Staff

Implementation Details

The At-Large Community assignees have closely collaborated with ICANN staff departments in the creation, implementation, and refinement of campaigns and education programs that target audience in underrepresented regions.

In close coordination with RALOs and in sync with their outreach strategies, GSE has created and implemented regional strategies. These efforts result in the successful roll out of regional capacity building webinar series, notably in the Asian, Australasian and Pacific Islands region and the Latin American and Caribbean Islands region. Other examples include the DNS entrepreneurship center in Africa and school of Internet Governance in the Middle East. The NextGen, Fellowship, and Mentorship programs under the Development and Public Responsibility Department have also provided opportunities for people in underrepresented regions to learn and experience ICANN. In addition, ICANN has strongly supported At-Large’s outreach activities during ICANN meetings and fulfilled many CROPP and special budget requests to reach the outreach goal.

As a direct beneficiary of those programs, At-Large has seen a marked increase of accredited At-Large Structures in all regions, as well as the attendance of its teleconferences, webinars, briefings, and face-to-face meetings. Greater engagement has brought active participation and diverse views to the policy activities in ICANN.

Next Step

At-Large will continue collaborating with ICANN staff to ensure the lasting success of existing campaigns and programs and will help develop future ones. At-Large would also like to see metrics developed to track and measure the effectiveness of those efforts.




Input from Outreach & Engagement Sub-committee: