Draft Recommendation 8
That WGs should have an explicit role in responding to implementation issues related to policy they have developed, and that the current Policy and Implementation Working Group specifically address the role of WGs in responding to policy implementation issues.

Draft Recommendation 9
That a formal Working Group leadership assessment programme be developed as part of the overall training and development programme.

Draft Recommendation 10
That a professional facilitator/moderator is used in certain situations (for example, when policy issues are complex, where members of the WG are generally inexperienced and/or where WG members have interests that conflict), and that the GNSO develop guidelines for the circumstances in which professional facilitators/moderators are used for Working Groups.

Draft Recommendation 11
That the face-to-face PDP WG pilot project be assessed when completed. If the results are beneficial, guidelines should be developed and support funding made available.

Draft Recommendation 13
That ICANN evaluate one or more alternative decision support systems and experiment with these for supporting WGs.

Draft Recommendation 14
That the GNSO further explores PDP ‘chunking’ and examines each potential PDP as to its feasibility for breaking into discrete stages. 

Draft Recommendation 15
That the GNSO continues current PDP Improvements Project initiatives to address timeliness of the PDP.

Draft Recommendation 16
That a policy impact assessment (PIA) be included as a standard part of any policy process.

Draft Recommendation 17
That the practice of Working Group self-evaluation becomes standard at the completion of the WG’s work; and that these evaluations should be published and used as a basis for continual process improvement in the PDP.

Recommendation 18
That the GNSO Council evaluate post implementation policy effectiveness on an ongoing basis (rather than periodically as stated in the current GNSO Operating Procedures); and that these evaluations are analysed by the GNSO Council to monitor and improve the drafting and scope of future PDP Charters and facilitate the effectiveness of GNSO policy outcomes over time.

Draft Recommendation 22
That the GNSO should review and implement a revised training and development programme encompassing:
- Skills and competencies for each Council member 
- Training and development needs identified
- Training and development relevant to each Council member 
- Formal assessment system with objective measures
- Continual assessment and review.

Draft Recommendation 29
That new members of WGs and newcomers at ICANN meetings be surveyed to determine how well their input is solicited and accepted by the community, and that the results be published and considered by the GNSO Council at its next meeting..

Draft Recommendation 30
That the GNSO develop and implement a policy for the provision of administrative support for SGs and Cs; and that SGs and Cs annually review and evaluate the effectiveness of administrative support they receive.

Draft Recommendation 31
That the GAC-GNSO Consultation Group on GAC Early Engagement in the GNSO Policy Development Process continue its two work streams as priority projects. As a part of its work it should consider how the GAC could appoint a non-binding, non-voting liaison to the WG of each relevant GNSO PDP as a means of providing timely input.